Zoho Invoice



An invoice is a document you give to your customer on the sale of goods or services. It is a record of goods or services sold and implies that the customer owes you money for the same. A payment term can be set within which the customer is required to pay the amount. Let’s look at Charles, who runs a Gardening Service firm to understand invoices better.

Scenario: Charles receives orders to provide gardening services. He does gardening on his customer’s property and creates an invoice for the services including the additional costs incurred for manure. He sends the invoice mentioning payment due date before which they have to make the payment. His customer views the invoice through the customer portal and makes the payment immediately.

Similarly, you can create invoices for the goods or services that you sell to your customers. You can create an invoice afresh or convert an already issued estimate to an invoice. The following diagram will help you understand the life cycle of an invoice in Zoho Invoice.

Life Cycle of an Invoice

Create & Send Invoices

Managing your Invoice

Invoice Actions

Customizing your Invoice

Other Actions