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An expense represents money you spend out of your pocket, with the ultimate target of generating revenue for your organization.

Understanding expenses

Basically, expense is the outflow of money to carry out the operational activities of your organization. Different businesses incur different types of expenses. Any amount of money spent to keep up with the business workflow will be labelled as an expense. Let’s look into Charles business to have a better understanding of expenses.

Scenario: Charles owns a gift shop and he delivers them to various parts of the city. The expenses he usually incur would be mileage expenses because of the delivery. Also, he needs to record the amount of money spent on other things such as electricity, his rent and the stationery bought for making gifts.

Similarly, whenever you spend money from your account, you can record them in the Expense module and have a track of all the money you spent so far. Zoho Invoice allows you to record two types of expenses. One would be the regular expense and the other one is the mileage expense.

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