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Product Guides

Getting started with Zoho Creator

Your complete guide to the basics of Creator.

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Build a Vendor Selection Application

This ebook will help you create a Vendor Selection application from scratch covering the features and functionalities in Zoho Creator.

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Relating Data with Lookup Fields

Learn to make your application more efficient and powerful by creating relationships among your business data.

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Intro to Deluge Workflows

Learn how to start automating applications with our scripting language, Deluge. This book includes exercises for improving your skills.

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Customer Case Studies

Teaching English to the corporate world

How English2Go, an organization that teaches English to corporates in Costa Rica, spruced up their management and went global with Zoho Creator.

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From Concept to Merchandise

How Tek Textil manages their entire business process with a completely customized solution built on Zoho Creator.

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The Uphill Battle to Make a Difference

How CVHR, a legal not-for-profit organization, handled their funding, finances, and case data on applications built using Zoho Creator.

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Mission Possible

How the Mission Bicycle Company transitioned from spreadsheets to custom applications for order management, sales, accounting, and CRM.

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Revolutionizing Logistics in India

BlackBuck, India's first online marketplace for freight logistics, manage their assets and vehicles using custom applications built on Zoho Creator.

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Towards Equality in Education

How an education-centered non-profit quadrupled their operational capacity with custom applications built on Zoho Creator.

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How Zoho Creator shaped SRM into a one-of-a-kind university

SRM university completely revolutionized their academic system and went paperless using Zoho Creator.

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Aboitiz’s venture into low-code

Zoho Creator helps Aboitiz manage more than 200 projects and tackle everyday challenges by automating their CSR processes.

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Knowledge Hub

How online databases took over Excel in business

Learn how an online database is a better fit for your business when compared to spreadsheets.

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Why the logistics industry needs custom applications

Learn how custom applications can help logistic businesses increase their operational efficiency.

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How IT Asset Management can save you a fortune

Learn the importance of managing your IT assets and how a tailored solution can help you seal financial leaks.

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Supply Chain Hot Trends Report: 2020 & Beyond

Learn about the latest trends in the industry, and the concerns, challenges, and plans organizations have for 2020 across the global supply chain, in this report.

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