Gordon Mankelow

Mankelow started his career as a junior programmer at Kleinwort Benson, a multinational merchant bank in the UK, in 1987. After earning his bachelor’s degree, working a few development roles, starting his business, and developing NetSuite-based solutions for over a decade, Gordon discovered Zoho Creator in the late 2000s. Read this ebook to learn why he chose to pivot his business to designing Zoho-Creator-based solutions.

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Early life

Gordon was fascinated with computers from a young age. His interest in coding got him into learning early scripting languages in his free time. Over the years, he became more confident in his coding abilities and picked up a junior programming job at Kleinwort Benson, a multinational merchant bank in the UK, back in 1987.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of East Anglia in 1988, he picked up several development roles before starting his development firm, Relativity, in 1995.

At Relativity, Gordon developed on-premise, desktop-based software for his clients, and later developed a few internet-based systems.

Experience with Zoho Creator

In early 2007, Gordon was looking for software that would allow him to quickly develop applications for his clients and take care of the complete backend. He found what he was looking for in Zoho Creator.

In the early 2010s, Zoho was just a tiny part of his business—his focus was on supporting his legacy clients by managing their intranet and desktop systems. But in 2015, Gordon got in touch with Zoho’s Partner team, earned Zoho Creator certification, and completely pivoted his business.

Since then, he’s developed 45+ projects using Zoho Creator, and is supporting 35+ clients.

Key takeaways

  • 45+ Zoho Creator projects

  • 10+ years experience as a Zoho developer

  • 35+ Zoho Creator clients

"Working with Zoho Creator, I can build proofs of concept quickly, and turning them into full apps, both desktop and mobile, becomes a simple task. I can concentrate on making sure the client's process is implemented whilst Zoho makes sure the data and infrastructure are secure and available."

Gordon Mankelow
Zoho Developer