Ian Melchior

Ian started his career as a PHP developer – who didn’t know how to code in PHP. Later, he discovered Zoho Creator, which helped him create complex business applications for his clients. Download this ebook to learn how Ian went from not knowing how to code, to being the VP of IT at EcoMark, to starting his own development firm.

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Early life

Ian had his first brush with coding back in high school, where he learned HTML and BASIC, and developed simple webpages during his free time. He didn’t touch code again until he graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Affairs.

Experience with Zoho Creator

Straight out of college, he joined a renewable energy startup in 2012—EcoMark—that was an early adopter of the Zoho Suite, and this is where Ian first came across Zoho Creator.

His first Creator project was building a webform through which employees, partners, and customers could enter new lead data. The app was basic, just a form with a few lines of code on the back-end and an integration with Zoho CRM.

In 2015, he signed up for Zoho Creator’s Certified Developer training, which helped him more thoroughly understand the Creator platform.

This enabled him to build tools for every department at EcoMark, including marketing, sales, accounting, warehouse, IT, and operations.

Ian left EcoMark in 2019, and started his own development firm—Auxiliary Brain. He now uses Zoho Creator and other Zoho products to develop complex applications for his clients' business needs.

Key takeaways

  • 50+ projects

  • 8+ years experience as a Zoho Creator developer

  • 20+ clients

"Zoho Creator allowed me to build tools for every department in my previous company, EcoMark. I could quickly learn the platform thanks to the resources and support provided by Zoho. Finally, with Creator, I was able to strike out on my own several years ago and find work that’s both meaningful and enjoyable, helping companies in many different industries grow and improve themselves."

Ian melchior,
Zoho Creator Developer