Cytocrom: Revolutionizing IT consulting in LATAM

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Here's how Cytocrom empowered SMB's to adopt digital solutions

  • Enabled end users to build and customize applications

  • Built a CPQ system

  • Built a sales estimation system

  • Automated operations and used customer portals extensively

"It has been a great journey; we have worked with great people and built strong relationships with customers, all due to the job done with the Zoho Creator partner team".

Francisco Leon,

Francisco Leon,

Founder, Cytocrom

Zoho Creator provides a low-code, cloud-based, scalable platform to accommodate the unique business needs of any organization.

Cytocrom is a technology consulting firm that specializes in offering cloud-based solutions to enable small and medium-sized businesses to adopt digital transformation affordably. The company was established in 2003 by Francisco Leon, who is currently serving as the sales director. Cytocrom operates from its headquarters located in Mexico City and has a single office that employs 15 staff members.

The company faced the challenge of finding a platform that could enable end users to build and deploy applications quickly and easily with minimal technical assistance. To solve this challenge, the company explored different vendors and eventually found Zoho Creator to be the most suitable for their requirements.

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