A beginner's guide to workflow automation

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When we talk about automation, we're often inundated with jargon like IoT, citizen development, artificial intelligence, digital twin, and more—but we fail to remember that the cornerstone of every automation is a workflow.

Be it automating your organization's onboarding process or building a custom ERP solution, the crux of it all comes down to creating workflows. These workflows, created to run all the smaller yet critical fragments of your processes, when put together, allows your business to become fully digitized.

That's precisely what this ebook is all about—it's your guide to understanding workflow automation, and how to choose the right workflow software, with some useful business examples.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • The importance of workflow automation
  • How workflow automation helps with digital transformation
  • What to look for in workflow automation software
  • Where low-code fits in the puzzle
  • Real-world automation stories, with statistics
Read the ebook