Igor Vatasenko

In 2010, Igor was the first person to earn Zoho Creator’s Certified Developer tag, and ever since then, he's been developing innovative solutions for his clients using the Creator platform. Read this ebook to learn about Igor’s early career, and why he chose to become a Zoho Creator developer.

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Early career

Igor graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic University with a Masters degree in Science and Finance. His professional path has taken many twists and turns—from being an accountant at a nonprofit fund, to the head of the sales department for Apple value add distributors (VAD) in Ukraine, to a small business owner and entrepreneur. Through it all, he’s never stopped engaging with his passion for computers, coding, and solving problems.

First experience with Zoho Creator

Around 2010, after Apple closed down its value add distribution centers in Ukraine, Igor switched to being a freelance developer.

His client at the time, a media giant, needed a solution to manage their publication. They had recently made a switch from using traditional spreadsheets to using cloud-based spreadsheet software to manage their publication’s database—but even that couldn’t live up to expectations.

They needed a cloud-based solution that could handle huge bundles of data, and have privacy at its heart.

They found what they were looking for with Zoho Creator.

Igor created an end-to-end media analytics system for his client using Zoho Creator—and it only took two weeks.

Once he was done, he liked Creator so much that he chose to stay in the Zoho ecosystem.

Key takeaways

  • 50+ projects

  • 10+ years experience as a Zoho Creator developer

  • 40+ clients

"I love the fact that the Zoho Creator team doesn't stand still. The Creator platform is getting better, faster, and is improving its interface all the time. They've made some big breakthroughs in the last few years, and I'd say that there are very few tasks today that cannot be done on the platform."

Igor Vatasenko,
Zoho Creator Developer