Supply Chain Hot Trends Report: 2020 & Beyond

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The findings of this year's Supply Chain Hot Trends Report reveals that the trends that dominated the previous year in the supply chain and logistics industry are set to continue and evolve in 2020.

For this report, EFT surveyed 601 industry professionals across the globe. Respondents hailed from North America (36%), Europe (32%), and Asia (32%)—and they were comprised of executives from the retail industry, manufacturers, logistics service providers, technology solutions providers, start-ups, and media associations, amongst others.

The insights from this research provide a fresh perspective into the major challenges faced by supply chain and logistics industry organizations and their outlook for 2020. 

Zoho Creator sponsored this independent research in order to gain valuable insights into the current state of the logistics industry and to help identify upcoming trends.

Read the report today to get a complete analysis of the supply chain and logistics industry, and its current status quo.