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  • Here’s why Zoho Assist is a highly effective alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Seamless communication and file sharing features

    Provide video or audio assistance to your customers, or even connect with them through VoIP-based calls, right from the Zoho Assist application. Chrome Remote Desktop only supports communication with end users via text. It also makes it difficult to share files, whereas Assist helps you transfer up to 2GB of files from your desktop to your customer’s remote device. This process is highly secure and uses industry-standard encryption.

  • Instant connection

    Zoho Assist is a lightweight tool, which automatically gets downloaded and you can start the remote session in just one click. You can even enable automatic uninstallation of the application after the session ends. Chrome Remote Desktop requires users to sign up with a Google account, impeding the efficiency of the remote support process.

  • Industry-grade protection

    Chrome Remote Desktop only supports HTTP encryption. Meanwhile, Zoho Assist offers a wide range of security features, including 256-bit encrypted SSL for data exchange and multi-factor authentication. You can also record and monitor every session with Zoho Assist, and save it to the cloud.

  • Hand-held compatibility

    Zoho Assist is multi-OS compatible, making it easy and efficient to establish a remote connection between cross-OS platforms. Transcend the limitation of only being able to access via a mobile device and cannot remote into that Android or iOS device with Chrome remote desktop by switching to Zoho Assist.

  • Remote printing

    Zoho Assist is a powerful and modern tool that offers remote printing, a feature that isn't available with Chrome Remote Desktop. Print any file from any location using the local printer connected to your device with just a click.

“I would recommend Zoho Assist. Absolutely. One hundred percent. It’s an excellent product, providing a blend of the core features I required from LogMeIn Central and Rescue at an affordable price.”

Niall Gowanlock,Avalon Computers.

Why switch to Zoho Assist when Chrome Remote Desktop Software is available for free?

Zoho Assist is better, powerful and professional yet simple to use. Our feature packed free edition is far superior in every aspect. Zoho Assist offers an array of flexible pricings to help you upgrade to the right plan that best suits your remote support needs. Check our pricings here.

  • Unrivaled hand-held compatibility :

    Remotely connecting to a hand-held device using Chrome Remote Desktop requires the user to sign in with the same google account in the browser as well as the mobile application rendering it impossible to provide remote support to your customer, but with our Zoho Assist mobile application available for easy download in both Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore for free, you can start a remote session easily and provide support to any device on the go right from the device inside your pocket.

  • Versatile remote support platform :

    Chrome Remote Desktop is a basic free remote support application with minimal features easily trumped by Zoho Assist's industry grade feature-rich tool, where you can start a voice/video/text chat with your customer from the application while in a session, remotely print, record a session, manage departments and much more focused on making your remote support experience, organized, professional and easy.

  • Secure, reliable & fast:

    Chrome Remote Desktop requires google browser and google account which might poise a security vulnerability, whereas Zoho Assist is a cloud based remote desktop software that supports end to end encryption that can be used to connect from any device swiftly.

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