Getting Started Guide

Import Users from Zoho CRM

Zoho Projects provides an option to import users and accounts from Zoho CRM. From Zoho CRM now you can import your project as well as client users for your project portal.

Import Project Users from Zoho CRM

Step 1 : Login into Zoho CRM and click Set Up link present at the top right corner before logout link. General settings will open with various options. Here click Zoho Service Communication (ASC)) Key under Developer Space.

Note :

  • If you are not in Administrator in Zoho CRM, then you will not have the privilege to generate ZSC key. Contact your Zoho CRM administrator for the same.
Generate Now

Step 2 : Click Generate Now icon to generate a ZSC key for the email address.

Generate Now

Step 3 :

  • Go to Users tab in Zoho Projects
  • Select Project Users
  • Click Import from CRM link
  • Provide the Email address and ZSC key generated for the CRM account
  • Click Next Step
Provide ZSC Key

Step 4 : This will load all the project users. Now assign a User Role for each user and Click Import Users Now adds all users for your project portal.

Project Users

Import Client Users from Zoho CRM

  • Select Client Users option
  • Click Import from CRM link.
  • Provide your email address and ZSC key generated
  • Click Next step imports all your client users from your organization in Zoho Projects.
Client Users

Note :

  • If you wish to import users from a different CRM account you need to generate a new ZSC key. For this, click Change the ZSC Ticket link. Provide the new email address and the corresponding ZSC key generated to import users from CRM.