Getting Started Guide

General Settings

Zoho Projects allows you to add a logo, customize your theme, set your favorite language, upload your snap and email latest activities all using General Settings.

My Profile

When you click Settings the default one to get displayed is the My Profile. Here you can fill in your contact details like your full name, job title and phone numbers and save it.

My Profile

Change Password

When you click Change Password like you'll get redirected to Zoho Accounts where you can change or update your password for your entire Zoho Account.

Change Password

Choose a Color Scheme

  1. Click Choose a Color Scheme link
  2. This opens a customizable page
  3. Select a color for your tabs and customize your theme
  4. Click Save button. This applies your selected theme for your portal
Choose a Color Scheme

Language Settings

  1. Click Language Settings link
  2. This opens page with a list of languages supported
  3. Select your favorite language and click Save
  4. This updates your pages with the chosen language
Language Settings

Change Your Photo

To change your photo :

  1. Click Change Photo link
  2. This opens page with your photo
  3. Click Change Photo link. This opens browse dialog
  4. Select a new photo and click Upload Photo link
  5. This uploads your latest photo
Change Your Photo

Email My Activities

Email My Activities mails you the list of pending tasks, milestones assigned to you across all the projects of a portal.

  1. Click Email My Activities link
  2. This shows a Remind Me option along with the time
  3. Select the frequency like daily/weekly/monthly and the time period
  4. Click Set Reminder button

This automatically mails you the pending activities based on the selected frequency and at the chosen time.

Email My Activities

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