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Introduction to the Customer Portal

This webinar was conducted on 16th March 2016. Watch the recording below:

Customer Portal: A smarter way to share, collaborate, and deliver.

Business owners know there is never enough time in the day. Not only do you have to beat the competition and make the sale, you then have to make sure you get paid. In fact, the sales process starts way before the sale, and never really ends. Preparing and getting quotes approved, collecting payments, and fielding customer requests for information related to past transactions are all part of the day in the life of a business owner.

Well, Zoho Books can offer some relief to weary business owners. Learn how the Zoho Books Customer Portal can take tasks off your plate and even enhance your customer relationships.

Here's what we'll cover in this 30 minute webinar:

  • Introduction to the Customer Portal

  • Collaborating with customers

  • Empowering customers

  • Getting customer feedback online


Varun Singh is the product marketing manager for Zoho Books. He specializes in SEO, lead generation and conceptualizing social media campaigns.