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William M.Putra

Chief Operating Officer - Asta Bumi Cipta
Our business was initially run on Excel, and each department maintained their own set of data. As a result of this fragmented data, we were not able to have an overview of our finances which made it difficult to make financial decisions.

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Asta Bumi Cipta


Procurement company

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The company

Asta Bumi Cipta, established in 2016, is a procurement company based in Indonesia. From it's humble beginnings as a procurement partner focused on goods and services in the energy sector, Asta Bumi Cipta now services a wide range of industries. Recognizing the demand for specific brands, Asta Bumi Cipta transformed into an intermediary procurement company, connecting suppliers with corporate clients across various industries. The company's vision is to be Indonesia's most trusted source for corporate procurement. Beyond procurement, the company now leverages its expertise to provide project management services to their customers.

The challenge

As Asta Bumi Cipta grew, they faced a significant challenge: A lack of integrated systems. Each department, including finance, operations, and logistics, operated with its own separate software. This resulted in:

Inconsistent data: Different departments had different data sets, leading to discrepancies and hindering accurate reporting.

Manual data synchronization: Reconciling data across departments was a time-consuming and error-prone process

Limited insights: Inaccurate data made it difficult to formulate effective business strategies.

The solution

Seeking a solution to streamline their operations and financial management, Asta Bumi Cipta found that none of the local software offerings in Indonesia met their evolving needs. After evaluating different solutions, the company turned to Zoho Books. The transition began with the operations team familiarizing themselves with Zoho's functionalities. Vendor information was the first data set migrated to the platform, followed by a full transition for the finance team in early 2023.

"With Zoho Books integrated solution, our finance, operations, and logistics teams now have a unified software platform that connects their data seamlessly. We are also able to generate customized reports for each department, which has definitely been very useful. The onboarding process was guided by the Zoho team, and we were able to speak to Zoho Books experts on live chat. That has been invaluable when we encounter something we don't understand," William explained.

Our experience with Zoho Books has been excellent. We have moved from manual journaling to managing our entire payment process on Zoho Books.

Benefits and ROI

The implementation of Zoho Books has brought these significant improvements for Asta Bumi Cipta:

Integrated systems: Finance, operations, and logistics teams now have a unified platform, providing a single source of truth for all data.

Simplified record-keeping: Tracking payments, generating reports, and managing vendor information have become more efficient with Zoho Books

Reduced manual work: Integrating Zoho Books has significantly reduced the company’s reliance on manual journals, streamlining accounting processes

Data-driven decision-making: With accurate and consistent data, Asta Bumi Cipta can now make informed business decisions for improved performance

Looking forward

Beyond Zoho Books, Asta Bumi Cipta is exploring other Zoho applications like Zoho Sign and Zoho CRM to further optimize their operations and enhance customer relationships.

This successful implementation of Zoho Books demonstrates how Asta Bumi Cipta is leveraging technology to achieve greater efficiency and unlock its growth potential.

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