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Abdulrahman Chelathur

Founder - Nubra Glass Plywoods and Hardware
Zoho Books provides world-class services at a low price. We have seen a 30% increase in efficiency after moving to Zoho Books. It has transformed the way we work. If I were to recommend Zoho Books to a friend, I would tell them not to think twice and just go for it.

Company Name

Nubra Glass Plywoods and Hardware



Using Zoho Books since

January, 2018

Challenges Faced

  • Difficulty accessing the data
  • Poor product support


  • 30% increase in efficiency

The company

Nubra Glass Plywoods and Hardware deals with all kinds of plywood, PVC, and WPC sheets, as well as kitchen accessories. We have a wide range of door hardware collections such as hinges, tower bolts, mortise locks, and safety locks. We also maintain an exclusive display of pull handles, kitchen accessories, and appliances.

I am the commercial manager of the company and we currently have 20 employees.

The challenge

Initially, we were using Tally to handle our business accounting. As we all know, accessing and monitoring data from an outdated desktop solution is a lost cause. We even tried having multiple data servers in different machines in a LAN environment to access the data on Tally from multiple systems, but it was all in vain. The system crashed and eventually, we lost our data. Our experience with the support team was not great either.

The solution: Introducing Zoho Books

Due to all these problems, we wanted to shift our books from Tally. And during our search for an alternative solution, one of my friends recommended Zoho Books. We started the 14-day free trial and immediately fell in love with the product. My favourite features in Zoho Books are:

Mobile application

Apart from our store, we also have an outbound sales team. Before Zoho, whenever our outbound team made a sale, they could send an quote or a confirmation to the customer only after returning to the office. Now, with the Zoho Books mobile app, they can raise an invoice to the customer right then and there to seal the deal

Sales and purchase approval

With Tally, we faced difficulties with collaboration. The transaction details had to be copied and shared with me over email or Whatsapp. I had to manually verify details such as current stock and inventory availability with the sales and finance teams. This complicated the approval process and consumed a lot of my time.

After switching to Zoho Books, we set up approval workflows and it's made this work a breeze. I get all the details in real time and I can approve transactions with just a click of a button. If clarifications are required, I can easily start a discussion in the comments section of the transaction.

ICICI Bank integration

This is one of my favourite features. It helps me make online payments to my vendors directly from Zoho Books. With direct feeds from the bank, I am able to sync my bank accounts, credit cards, and reconcile bank statements in no time.

Web tabs

Another feature that we use frequently is web tabs. We have some internal web apps including leave trackers that help us track our day-to-day operations. We have added these web app links on the web tabs, which allows our teams to track and access the links without any hassle.

Workflow rules and scheduled reports

To monitor sales and bigger deals, I have set up a workflow rule that sends me an email alert whenever an quote greater than, say, 20,000 Rupees is created. This helps me track down bigger deals and allows me to follow up with employees, as well

Using the schedule reports feature, I have scheduled the "Sales by salesperson" report to help me monitor the performance of my employees.

The benefits and ROI

Zoho Books has transformed the way we work. We have eliminated the most time-consuming tasks in our business using the features mentioned above. We have also seen a 30% increase in efficiency after moving to Zoho Books.

We are also using Zoho Payroll , and it is an amazing product that has met all our requirements. It has simplified our payroll process and thanks to the direct deposit feature with ICICI, we are able to disburse employee salaries on time, every time.

I would also like to shout out to the support teams of both Zoho Payroll and Zoho Books. They have always given us timely assistance from day one.

If I were to recommend Zoho Books to a friend, which I would not hesitate to do, I would tell them not to think twice, just go for Zoho Books. It provides world-class services at a low price. I guarantee you it will transform your business.

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