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Rajasekar Dhanasekar

Rajasekar Dhanasekar

Founder - 3D Genie
Zoho Books has truly transformed my business journey. Being a solo entrepreneur, its affordability and intuitive design have genuinely empowered me to take control of my finances, fostering real growth and success for 3D Genie.

Company Name

3D Genie


3D Custom printing

Why Rajasekar loves Zoho Books

  • Real-time business insights
  • Customization for niche business requirements
  • Affordability compared to competitors

Challenges Faced

  • Limited product capabilities
  • Absence of structured sales reporting

Features Rajasekar likes the most


Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, 3D Genie is a burgeoning small business specializing in 3D printing and modeling services on a global scale. Founded by Rajasekar Dhanasekar, a dedicated design engineer with a passion for innovation, 3D Genie has swiftly become a trusted name in the industry. Rajasekar Dhanasekar shared insights into the company's journey and the pivotal role Zoho Books played in their financial transformation.

Our goal with 3D Genie was to blend cutting-edge technology with personalized service," Rajasekar Dhanasekar said. "Whether it's 3D printing, modeling, or reverse engineering, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

The challenge

3D Genie faced significant challenges in managing its finances effectively as the business grew. With operations spanning across borders and offering a diverse range of services, tracking income, expenses, and invoicing became increasingly complex.

In the early stages, we relied on manual methods and basic spreadsheets to manage our finances. However, as our business grew, it became evident that we needed a more robust solution. Tracking cash flow, managing invoices, and ensuring compliance became daunting tasks, especially with our international clientele.

The solution

Driven by a need for efficiency and reliability, Rajasekar turned to Zoho Books to streamline their financial operations. Impressed by Zoho's reputation and user-friendly interface, Rajasekar Dhanasekar found the perfect fit for 3D Genie's requirements.

"Zoho Books stood out as the ideal solution for us" Rajasekar Dhanasekar began. "Its intuitive interface, customizable features, and seamless integration with other tools made it an obvious choice. Moreover, knowing that many of my peers trusted Zoho gave me the confidence to make the switch."

With Zoho Books, 3D Genie was able to automate invoicing, track expenses, and gain valuable insights into their financial performance. The platform's banking integration feature allowed Rajasekar Dhanasekar to reconcile transactions effortlessly, saving valuable time and reducing manual errors, too.

Zoho Books integrated seamlessly with my banking, particularly with RBC. It's made my reconciliation process much smoother. Instead of weekly sessions, I can now manage it on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Plus, the ability to automate recurring transactions has been a lifesaver.

Benefits and ROI

The adoption of Zoho Books brought significant benefits for 3D Genie. By automating invoicing and streamlining financial workflows, the company experienced enhanced efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

"I've seen a noticeable increase in my credibility among customers since implementing Zoho Books. Customizing branding across invoices, payment gateways, and email notifications has elevated our professionalism and instilled trust. Additionally, Zoho Books's customizable templates have streamlined customer interactions, reducing repetitive administrative tasks like going back and forth with the customer for payments." — Rajasekar Dhanasekar, Founder, 3D Genie

Rajasekar further noted the positive impact on revenue and customer base expansion.

Zoho Books has opened doors to a wider customer base, allowing us to accept a variety of payment methods and offering flexible terms. The platform's insights have helped us identify repeat customers and tailor our services accordingly. It's saved me significant time, with bank reconciliation alone reducing my workload by almost 50%.

Looking forward

As 3D Genie continues to expand its footprint in the 3D printing industry, Rajasekar envisions leveraging Zoho's suite of tools further to optimize various aspects of their business operations. With plans to explore additional features and integrations, Rajasekar is confident that Zoho Books will remain a cornerstone of their success.

"Innovation is at the heart of what we do at 3D Genie, and Zoho Books aligns perfectly with our vision," Rajasekar Dhanasekar boasted. "Moving forward, we're excited to explore more functionalities and integrations offered by Zoho, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers."

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