This document covers only the significant changes in the Terms of Services and is intended to explain the reasons for the changes. You understand that reading this document is not a substitute for reading the modified Terms of Service. Please do read the full text of the revised Terms of Service.
  1. In the introductory part of the Terms of Service, we have added a link that redirects to a page titled "Zoho Contracting Entity". This page lists the applicable Zoho contracting entity and the governing law and jurisdiction depending on the customer region.
  2. Under the head "Description of Service", we have modified the definition of the term 'Services' to bring offline and mobile applications within the scope of Services.
  3. We have added a new section titled "Free Trial" to explain our policy on use of Zoho Services that are offered on a trial basis. While you have the option to try out the trial services for free, there are certain limitations and conditions that apply to trial use and we have listed out these limitations and conditions.
  4. Apart from the existing restrictions on use, we have introduced a few additional restrictions with respect to the use of Zoho Services under the head "Restrictions on Use". These restrictions are solely aimed at preventing misuse of Zoho Services and to protect the interests of Zoho and its user base.
  5. We have added a new section titled "Third Party Applications". This section was previously part of all our service specific terms and we have now added it as part of the general Terms since most of our Zoho Services integrate with several third party applications.
  6. Under the head "Fees and Payments", we have clarified that your subscription to Zoho Services may attract taxes and that you are obligated to pay the applicable taxes in addition to the subscription fees.
  7. We have added a new section titled "Hosting Location" to explain our policy on how we assign cloud facilities that you will be served from and the location of these cloud facilities.
  8. We have modified the liability limit cap under the "Limitation of Liability" section.
  9. Arbitration was the default dispute resolution method as per the previous version of our Terms of Service. With this update, we are replacing arbitration with dispute resolution by courts. Accordingly, we have removed the section titled "Arbitration" and replaced it with a new section titled "Governing Law and Jurisdiction".
Apart from the above changes, we have made some minor changes to make the Terms of Service easy to read and understand by removing unnecessary words and sentences, correcting language mistakes and using consistent terms.