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Benefits of working with a Zoho Partner

Domain expertise and guidance

Zoho partners bring specialized knowledge of Zoho products, industry solutions, and business processes. They offer expert guidance to customers in selecting the most suitable Zoho products: customizing, integrating, and aligning them with their business objectives.

Customized solutions

Partners deliver bespoke solutions tailored to the unique requirements and goals of each customer. By understanding the intricacies of their business, partners can customize Zoho products to optimize their functionality and ensure a perfect fit for their needs.

Rapid implementation

Leveraging their proficiency with Zoho products, Partners expedite the implementation process, facilitating swift deployment and configuration. This accelerates time-to-value, enabling customers to start realizing benefits from their investment sooner.

Increased productivity

Collaborating with Zoho partners leads to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency. Partners streamline processes, automate tasks, and optimize workflows, allowing customers to focus on core business activities and achieve more with less effort.

Training and Continued Support

Partners provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure customers utilize Zoho products effectively. This includes troubleshooting, updates, and maintenance, empowering customers to navigate any challenges.

Scalability and adaptability

Partners enable customers to scale their Zoho solutions as their business grows and evolves. They offer flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to accommodate changing needs, ensuring that Zoho products remain aligned with evolving business requirements.

How to work
with a Zoho Partner

Step 01

Explore the Zoho Partner directory

By visiting the Zoho Partner directory (Find a Partner), ou can discover a diverse range of providers offering specialized services tailored to your needs. Filter Partners based on your location, language, expertise, and Zoho products to find the perfect match for your business.

Step 02

Select the right Partner

Evaluate and choose a partner that aligns closely with your business objectives and requirements. Consider factors such as their expertise with specific Zoho products and industry experience, and review their profile to see customer ratings, case studies, and client testimonials.

Step 03

Check references and engage

Once you've identified potential partners, request references or case studies. Discuss their approach and methodologies to understand how they can address your unique challenges. Ensure a good cultural fit and alignment of expectations.

Step 04

Set clear expectations

Work closely with the Partner to define the scope of work, project timeline, deliverables, and desired outcomes. This ensures a mutual understanding of the project objectives and sets the stage for a successful collaboration.

Step 05

Sign a services agreement

Formalize the partnership by signing a services agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the engagement. Clear communication and transparency are essential to building a strong and trusting relationship with your Partner.

Step 06

Commence implementation

With the agreement in place, kick off the implementation phase in collaboration with your chosen Zoho Partner. Work closely with their team to execute the project plan, address any challenges that may arise, and ensure timely progress towards achieving your business objectives.


Privacy and compliance: keeping your data secure

Zoho is committed to the highest standards of data protection and compliance. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure your data remains secure:

Strict Partner selection

Zoho carefully vets and selects partners who share our commitment to data privacy and security.

Contractual obligations

Partners are bound by strict contractual agreements that ensure they adhere to Zoho's data security practices.

Regular audits and reviews

Zoho conducts regular audits and reviews of Partner practices to ensure they are maintaining compliance.

Your choice and control

You have the right to access, modify, or erase your data. Zoho Partners are required to respect your data privacy rights.

Compliance standards

Our partners adhere to strict compliance standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, depending on your industry and geographic location.

Hear from our Customers


“With Zoho One and all the integrations, we have been able to reduce the time that each of our employee spends on a customer, significantly. Nexivo has been very helpful with this. We showed them what we were doing previously and a brief about what we wanted and they were able to put together an entire process in place.”

Dr. Lalitha Palle
ForMen Health, Hyderabad

“We had a CRM software, we were managing projects over dedicated spreadsheets or standalone project management tools, and none of these tools spoke to each other. Aurelian Group was at the right place at the right time. Now, we've integrated all these different pieces using Zoho One that is tailor made to our business.”

George Guse
Arc Renewable Group, Australia

“Zoho One is an excellent choice for us because of its size- the same reason also makes it quite daunting at first glance. Which is why having an expert like Cloud Lion who knows the product and what it is fully capable of has been amazing. They have helped us perfect what we deliver to the market.”

Dan Avon, President
AIM Insurance, Ontario

“While we are saving a lot of money since we made the switch to Zoho, we are also benefiting from the product integration and the business management suite that is now capable of running our whole business. To top that, we have a great relationship with our Partner We have fully embraced Zoho.”

Theresa Turner, Director of Marketing and HR

“"The challenges we were facing in the company were affecting our productivity. Cloud Lion helped us mitigate that, communicating with us and offering support throughout the process of helping us optimize our business. Zoho is a huge platform and you need to be well accompanied by someone who knows the products inside out.”

Caroline Fortin, Owner
MACA Marketing Corporatif

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