Multi-Channel Ticket Management

Good ol' Email.

Email isn't passe. Pigeons and snared inboxes are! The quintessential channel for customer service just got better with a few convenient tweaks. All your customer emails get pulled into a convenient interface where you can respond to them easily. The best way to handle customer service emails even when you use several email IDs.

Dial H for the Happiness Hotline.

Tring tring! Imagine a whole call center, right within your browser tab. We've taken traditional customer service telephony and re-imagined it for the cloud. It comes with IVR, call forwarding, voice messages, missed call notification and more.

All the advantages of a telephony system, but none of the pains. Learn More

Instant Messaging. Instant Happiness.

Just about everyone uses instant messaging today, even that talkative aunt we all have. It is, by far, the quickest and most convenient way to communicate.

Chat with customers and understand their concerns better. Give them timely, personalized help. Deliver happiness instantly. KTHXBYE.

DIY Meets Customer Service.

Ever had the urge to find answers by yourself? A lot of customers feel like that too, you know. Sometimes, human intervention is not the ideal solution. Enter customer self-service portals. Answer most-frequently-asked questions and organize them into categories. Customers love the thrill of solving their problems themselves. If they can't, well, you're only a shout away! Learn More

All for One and One for All.

A community always stands strong and takes good care of its members. In a sense, they're are like diamond mines: really tricky to build but offer immense value in exchange. With a really handy set of features to organize, moderate and nurture a community, the software does what it has to. So, you can do what you have to. Focus just on building a great customer community. Learn More

Customer Service on Steroids.

Customer service has never been the same since social media happened. Customers now expect more agile & pro-active service from businesses. But, don't you worry. That's easier than it sounds. Zoho Support automatically pulls-in all your timeline posts, so you don't have to shuffle between multiple tabs. God, that would've been so gnarly! Direct messages and @mentions from Twitter get pulled right into Zoho as well. With smart emergency control, you even get a nudge before a likely Tweet-storm. Learn More

A Tested 'Form'ula

Age-old wisdom suggests that, sometimes, it's better to stick to the basics. Web forms have a wide variety of uses and they serve their purpose really well. They're easy to create, customize and deploy. And they work just as well as any other channel within Zoho Support.

Status, Priority, Due Date et al.

A lot of little details have to come together to make multi-channel ticket management work well for your business. Ticket status indicates what stage a ticket is in. This is also shown to customers in the self-service portal. Transparency always wins brownie points! Priority can be assigned to tickets based on the kind of issue raised. Fire and Falaffel aren't the same type of issue, are they? Due date indicates the time by which a response is due for a ticket. Can't keep customers waiting, can we?

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