Omnichannel set up

Tickets from various channels like email, help desk, live chat, social media, or the API can be tracked and managed from a single interface. You can prioritize tickets, automate tasks, and get instant customer feedback.

Multichannel - PHP ticketing system

Knowledge base

Zoho Desk's free ticket system comes with a built-in help center to help you increase customer satisfaction. A self-service portal with knowledge base help articles, FAQs, instruction guides, and other resources can help your customers to help themselves, 24/7.

Self servicing php help desk
Custom Felid on PHP ticket software

Custom fields and layouts

You can customize every detail of Zoho Desk to capture customer data in any format you want. You can create custom fields in any module, custom forms to collect customer information, and custom email response templates. You can also customize ticket layouts, ticket fields, ticket statuses, and re-brand your help center to fit the rest of your online presence.

Integrations & extensions

Zoho Desk comes natively integrated with Zoho CRM and Zoho BugTracker. You can further extend the power of your PHP ticket system to suit your business needs better. Zoho's Marketplace brings you extensions across functionalities, letting you build the robust customer service engine you need. Zoho Desk provides powerful APIs to all partners, customers, and developers to make integrations as easy as possible.

  •  MS Teams
  •  Trello
  •  Zoho Assist
  •  Zoho Books
  •  Zoho CRM
  •  Slack
  •  Jira
  •  Intercom
  •  Gsuite
PHP ticket custom management system

Custom functions

When you use an open-source ticketing system or a free PHP ticketing system, it's handy to be able to perform tasks your way. Zoho Desk enables you to write instructions for complex processes, like instructing Zoho Desk to add a task in your project management app or sending the time spent on a ticket to an invoicing app. All of these instructions are hosted and powered by Zoho.

Mobile apps

Zoho Desk comes with mobile apps that allow you to stay on top of things without being tied to a desk 24/7. You can get instant updates about your PHP help desk tickets, view customer information, and respond promptly.

PHP ticket system Mobile Apps

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