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Billed Annually /agent/month /agent/monthFree
Billed Monthly /agent /agentFree
Agent LimitUnlimitedUnlimited3 Free Agents
Ticket Management
Number of tickets you can send and receive. E-mail Response ManagementUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Product based Ticket TrackingYesYesYes
Add tasks for a ticket and assign ownership to it. Task AssignmentYesYesYes
Log time spent on a ticket and generate customizable time-spent reports. Ticket-level Time TrackingYesYes-
Share tickets with one or more departments for their agents to collaborate towards resolving it. Ticket SharingYesYes-
Allow your customers to rate the support they received on a ticket. Customer Happiness RatingsYesYes-
Contacts & Accounts ManagementYesYesYes
Response Editor with rich text supportYesYesYes
Suggested ArticlesYesYesYes
Agent Collision DetectionYesYesYes
Private Comments within ticketsYesYesYes
Ticket TagsYesYesYes
Work ModesYesYesYes
Advanced SearchYesYesYes
Customer Support Channels
Number of support email aliases you can create. Email Address for Tracking TicketsUnlimited101
Customizable web portal for customers to submit & track tickets. Customer PortalYesYesYes
Capture customer queries from your website as tickets. Web-to-Ticket Form20101
1 Facebook and 1 Twitter account per brandSocial Media Platforms (Facebook and Twitter)2 Brands1 Brand-
Engage customers by building a community and create tickets from topics on the fly. Community ForumsYesYesYes
Select from over 15+ cloud telephony providers available in our marketplace. Phone SupportYesYes-
Chat with your customers in real-time with all of your conversation being transcribed onto a ticket. Built-in Live ChatYes--
Artificial Intelligence
Sentiment PredictionsYes--
Ticket TaggingYes--
Anomaly NotificationsYes--
Reply AssistantYes--
Zia VoiceYes--
Skill BuilderYes--
Knowledge Base/Solutions
Number of Article CategoriesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Knowledge Base in Web PortalYesYesYes
Public & Private ArticlesYesYesYes
Quickly create a knowledge base article from ticket's solution. Convert ticket solutions to ArticlesYesYesYes
Article Image GalleryYesYesYes
Up-voting and down-voting for ArticlesYesYesYes
Article VersioningYesYes-
301 RedirectionYesYes-
Help Center
Number of Portal UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Customize the look & feel of the portal to sync with your business website. Custom ThemesYesYesYes
Custom WidgetsYesYesYes
Multi-brand Help CenterYes--
SEO for Help Center and individual ArticlesYesYesArticles only
Suggested ArticlesYesYesYes
Forum Topic RecommendationsYesYesYes
Knowledge Base Dashboard with Article InsightsYesYesYes
Moderate Community postsYesYesYes
ASAP Plugin and SDKsYesYes-
We host the SSL certificate for your custom domain for free. Domain MappingYesYesYes
Allow users to log in using their existing credentials of your user management system. Remote AuthenticationYesYes-
Multi-language SupportYesYesYes
Set your Time ZoneYesYesYes
Multi-Department Management
Number of DepartmentsUnlimited101
All-department view of ticket dataYesYesYes
Helpdesk Automation
Create business rules that can auto-assign tickets, send alerts, assign tasks and modify ticket properties depending on varied criteria. Workflow Rules20/Department/Module10/Department/Module-
Supervise tickets every one hour for preset time based conditions to trigger action like sending alerts, assigning tasks and modify ticket properties. Time-based Rules15/Department/Module10/Department/Module-
Route a ticket to the appropriate department and auto-assign ownership to it based on pre-defined conditions. Ticket Assignment Rules20 Rules10 Rules-
Round-Robin Ticket Assignment Rules5 Rules/Department5 Rules/Department-
Execute your frequent business rules in a click. Macros20/Department/Module10/Department/Module-
Notification RulesYesYesYes
Custom Functions using Deluge scriptYes--
Active Blueprints per Module201-
Common Transitions per Blueprint51-
Transitions per Blueprint5010-
Fields and Actions per Transition2010-
Custom Functions in BlueprintsYes--
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Number of SLAs10/Department5/DepartmentPriority-based SLA
Only single level escalation is available under Free plan. Multi-Level EscalationsYesYesSingle Level
Configure SLAs to respect your business hours. Business HoursUnlimitedUnlimited-
Configure SLAs to respect your holiday list. Holiday ListUnlimited1-
Contract Management
Define the level of service offered to an account for a specific time period. Contract SLAsYes--
Help Desk Customization
Customize your Tabs & FieldsYesYesYes
E-mail templates comprise predefined text used while replying to tickets, sending notification e-mails and workflow alerts. Custom Email TemplatesYesYesDefault Templates
Ticket templates simplifies ticket creation by auto-populating predefined values while creating a ticket. Ticket TemplatesYes--
Custom ViewsYesYesYes
Field LayoutsYesYes-
On Hold StatusYesYesYes
Reports & Dashboards
Custom ReportsYesYes-
Standard DashboardsYesYes-
Custom DashboardsYesYes-
Export Reports to CSV, XLS or PDFYesYesYes
Schedule a report to run daily, weekly, monthly or yearly that can be sent by email to users in your organization. Schedule ReportsYes--
Create a report for all of your departments in Zoho Desk. Global ReportsYes--
Agent Dashboard (Agent Scorecard)YesYesYes
Manager Dashboard (The Headquarters)YesYesYes
Knowledge Base DashboardYesYesYes
Ticket Overview DashboardYesYesYes
Dashboard GalleryYesYesYes
Help Desk Security
Define module-level and feature-level access permissions for support agents in your organization. Profiles30152
Define your organizational hierarchy like CEO, Manager, Agent etcetera, to set hierarchy vice access permissions. Roles25052
Show or hide a field or mark it as read-only. Field-Level Access ControlYesYes-
Define access rights for agents to various modules in your help desk. Data Sharing PermissionYes--
Group your agents to set permissions or share records between themselves or across groups. Group your agentsYes--
Add-ons & Integration
Auto update your accounts and contacts information from Zoho CRM into Zoho Desk. Two-way sync with Zoho CRMYesYes-
Import your help desk data into Zoho Reports for advanced reporting and analysis. Integration with Zoho ReportsYesYes-
Assign customer tickets as bugs and track them to closure. Integration with Zoho BugTrackerYesYes-
Integration with Zoho AssistYesYesYes
Integration with Zoho Books and InvoiceYesYes-
Integration with Zoho ChatYesYes-
Integration with Zoho SalesIQYes--
Add users and import contacts from your Google Apps domain into Zoho Desk. Integration with G SuiteYesYesYes
Provide remote support to customers from within your Zoho Desk tickets.

Zoho Assist licenses are required for everyone when more than one agent is to provide remote support.
Zoho Assist Add-on
1 Free User1 Free User1 Free User
Notify your agents & customers via Text Message/SMS. SMS Add-onYesYes-
Integration with Atlassian JiraYesYes-
Integration with SlackYesYes-
Zoho Marketplace for Zoho Desk
Public ExtensionsYesYes-
Private ExtensionsYesYes-
Mobile Edition
Radar App for ManagersYesYesYes
iPad and iPhone devicesYesYesYes
Android devicesYesYesYes