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  • Customer information and follow-up information are recorded in Excel and using it after a long time?

    Complete records in a single dashboard

    Record all customer information and contact information, never lose, quick inquiry, customer status and follow-up situation at a glance

    after sales management system tickets
  • Hard to manage/track customer issues from multiple channels?

    Omni-channel customer service system

    Zoho Desk collects all requests from different channels like email, social media, live chat, telephone, web forms to organize them in one tab. This helps agents reply to all of them from the same tab

    Mutichannel After-sales service system
  • Each member of the team has their own records, which cannot be synchronized, cannot work together?

    Team collaboration and agent collision prevention

    Collaborative features allow agents to communicate the records with other teams right within the ticket through private comments and tagging.

    Group chat within tickets gives you a quick and easy way to communicate with the agents who are colliding with you on a ticket.

    After-sales customer service collaboration
  • Customers are waiting for an agent to find answers to their questions.

    Knowledge base articles for faster answers

    Not every issue needs an agent's presence to be answered. By creating a repository of articles and FAQs in the knowledge base, customers can find their own answers without waiting for an agent.

    After-sale service system articles

Supplement your customer service efforts with a powerful after-sales management system.

  • Email Ticketing

    Zoho Desk helps you convert customer emails to tickets, compiles and organizes them in a single place, and monitors how many emails enter and how many responses go out.

  • Multi-language help desk

    You can set up help articles in multiple languages to offer customers help in their native language. Provide customer support in the language that suits best for customers.

  • Workflow Automation

    Workflow automation can help you save time and increase efficiency by automating repetitive, manual actions. It is easy to configure and customize to suit your business needs.

  • SLAs & Escalations

    With SLAs, you can specify the response and resolution time for a ticket based on criteria like a priority, channel, time due, and customer type.

  • Ticket Assignment

    Round Robin is the simplest form of an automatic ticket assignment. It distributes tickets evenly to all your agents based on the limit that you set.

  • Reports and Insights

    Use detailed reports to understand your teams' performance. Built-in dashboards help you track, and improve your service using the most common metrics.

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after-sales management system

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