Guide to selecting the Best Help Desk Software

Today, no matter what your company provides (sales, services, consulting, etc.) customer support is critical to nurture customer satisfaction. Also one of the crucial factors for today's enterprises is creating repeat business, which can be ascertained only when your customers aren't just satisfied but happy.

In pursuit of customer satisfaction, companies are more dependent on IT solutions and hence investing in a help desk software have become a vital component of survival. In fact a help desk software can easily boost corporate credibility since your offer for help is seen better, compared to the one that doesn't.

But wait, before you start hunting for a help desk software in the market, you need to know exactly what you're looking for and how to zero-in on what you need. It is like tailoring the perfect fit, rather than fitting yourselves simply in.

Know your Budget

The reason many companies decide against purchasing a help desk software boils down to its cost. However with the availability of cloud computing help desk applications, the offerings are quite affordable though not literally cheap. Do your maths and choose an application which is both sustainable and allows you to scale. Don't ever assume that the more you pay, the better the tool would be. In fact your current business may even require an open source solution to start with.

Chalk out your Requirements

Take time to analyse your current support process. List down areas where you could apply automations to increase your agent productivity and cut down redundancies. Re-visit the channels or your customer touch points (like e-mail, forum, toll-free hotline etc.) and see if you could add a few more for ease of access. Help desk software solutions offer a number of amazing features, however do your own research to select the best. Check out application marketplaces and spare sometime for online product reviews. They are invaluable for starters like you.

Evaluating a Software

Lot of help desks advertise that they have robust ticket management features. But remember, more is said than exists and so do not get carried away before you evaluate them in & out. Some systems provide more in the way of ticket management than others. See that the capabilities offered, matches with your requirements as listed earlier. Say, if you couldn't track your agent productivity by a specific, you won't be able to make it work for you forever. Likewise a lot of us do business across borders. So if you intend to offer a web-based system for ticket submission, ensure the application is multilingual. Another important feature is branding so that your clients think you care enough, to make your application yours.

Vendor Credibility

We often vie for brand names when shopping for a consumer durable product for our home. The same rule applies to an extent, when you choose a help desk software as well. In fact credibility is vital, is hard to build, and easy to lose. So check how long the company had been into business. Ask for their software's up-time. Find out if your subscription would require a contract. Also, there are businesses who would go that extra mile to refund your money, if you don't seem to be thoroughly satisfied with their product. So take your time while you choose the best help desk software.

Secure your Data

If your ticketing system would contain names, addresses, passwords, and other sensitive information from your clients, ensure that they're secure from prying eyes. So ascertain the help desk software you select is, United States - European Union and Swiss Safe Harbor certified to ensure your information is private. Also if your prominent channel would be e-mail, encrypt your data using SSL or similar technologies. Remember that you're going to pledge your business (in fact your customers) and hence leave no stone unturned.

Swipe your Card

Voila! You are now ready to talk business since you'd already chosen the software. But wait! Are you an NGO or a Silicon Valley Start-up? You are eligible for deeper discounts. Many help desk software vendors would provide a special price, if you belong to one of the categories mentioned above. Moreover, if you're thoroughly won over by the software, you can rather signup for an yearly subscription and save more on discounts. So, before you checkout your purchase do not forget to get in touch with a sales guy.

A lot of factors come into play when choosing a good help desk software. Finding a single all-encompassing solution would always be tricky. But considering these six pointers would ensure, you're making the best choice for your business.