Choosing The Right Help Desk System:

A Beginner-friendly Guide

Going from traditional customer service methods to investing in a help desk tool can be an overwhelming change. You need all the resources you can get for your research to make the best call. Zoho Desk wants to help you out in the process of choosing the perfect help desk software that fits right into your business ecosystem.

We’ve curated a step-by-step guide to help you find the best customer service help desk based on your team size, budget, and customer service expectations.

A Beginner friendly Guide

Who does it help?

Any size/type of business looking to streamline customer service and make it a means to build a loyal customer base can take pointers from the guide.

  • If you are looking for a more scalable, advanced, or budget-friendly help desk alternative, you need a checklist to pick the right one from the competitive market.

  • If you're a newbie trying to find the perfect help desk software and get off on the right foot, you can use some support along the way.

Zoho Desk Playbook Suite

When you move to help desk software, the possibilities are truly endless. There are instant benefits to enjoy as soon as you hit the ground running. Scroll through these playbooks to see how simple yet advanced your customer service transformation can be with Zoho Desk!

Zoho Desk Playbook Suite
  • Improve agent productivity at scale

    Transform how your team defines productivity and keep your agents working at their efficient best.

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  • Offer 24/7 support without a global team

    Build a robust self-service operation and empower your customers to find solutions on their own.

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  • Manage support processes without a glitch

    Get the basics of your customer support processes right and make life easier for your agents. Well-defined processes make for efficient agents and happy customers.

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  • See complaints through to meaningful closure

    Deliver consistent, quality support to your customers, irrespective of the products or services you sell. Keep in place the capabilities that aid in customer satisfaction and timely ticket resolution.

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The industry’s first context-aware help desk, Zoho Desk, offers channels including email, live chat, and web forms, multi-brand help center, community forums, advanced automation, integrations extensions, and AI.

Start your help desk journey with Zoho Desk!