5 metrics to measure customer satisfaction

  • First response time
  • Average response time
  • Open vs closed tickets
  • Number of overdue tickets
  • Decrease in escalated tickets
  • 1. First response time

    The time taken to post the first response to a customer's request. A low first response time shows that your team is quickly noticing and acting on tickets. On the other hand, a high response time can make the customer impatient. It impacts the customers' impression of your service quality and can result in the same customer flooding your team with multiple tickets.

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  • 2. Average response time

    The total average duration of a single customer interaction, including the time taken to connect and follow up on the issue. It's an indicator of how well your team can handle customer communications. Your goal is to keep the average response time low, so your customers don't get frustrated about delays. You can do this by scrutinizing the number, type, and response time of queries, then making a suitable plan of action for each type.

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  • 3. Open vs closed tickets

    When you have more closed tickets than open ones, your team is doing a relatively good job of handling customers' issues. When the customer feels that your team is devoting time and attention to their problems, they'll have a favorable impression of your team.

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  • 4. Number of overdue tickets

    Increase customer satisfaction by addressing tickets before they're due. Set up SLAs and workflows to help your agents solve problems that are on the verge of being overdue.

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  • 5. Decrease in escalated tickets

    When an agent/team is unable to solve a problem, matters can escalate. Escalations curb your company's reputation. Keep the number of escalations to a minimum, so you can focus on improving your service quality.

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