How can I measure the impact of help desk software on my customer?

If you want to improve the quality of your customer service, it isn't enough to install a help desk software and train your team. It is also important to pay attention to customer feedback. Asking your customers about the quality of your service department after each interaction will help you get an overall idea about the effectiveness of your help desk. Take a look at some of the factors that affect agent performance:

Incoming versus outgoing responses

When the number of incoming tickets is greater than the number of outgoing tickets for a sustained period of time, then your team has hit a bottleneck. While this might result in an increase in escalated and overdue tickets, taking action by implementing workflows and adding agents when you see indications of an increase in incoming tickets can mitigate this issue.

Average response time

This is the total average duration of a single customer interaction, including the time taken to collaborate and follow up on the issue. It is an important indicator of how well your team can handle an interaction. It is important to keep the average response time as low as possible so that your customer does not get frustrated over the delays. Maintain low response time by scrutinizing the number, type, and response time of queries and making a suitable plan of action for each type.

Average first response time

This is the time taken to post the first response to a customer's query. Low first response time shows that your team is taking immediate notice of tickets. On the other hand, high response time can make the customer insecure. As a result, the customer might contact customer service through a different channel. This not only impacts the customers' impression on the quality of your service, but also floods your team with similar tickets.

Number of open versus closed tickets

When you have more closed tickets than open ones, your team is doing a relatively good job of handling customers' issues. When the customer feels that your team is devoting time and attention to their problems, they will have a favorable impression of your team.

Reduction in number of overdue tickets

Increase customer satisfaction by addressing tickets before they're due. Set up SLAs and workflows to help your agents solve problems that are on the verge of being overdue.

Reduction in number of escalated tickets

When an agent/team is unable to solve a problem, matters can escalate. Escalations curb your company's reputation. Keep the number of escalations to a minimum so that you can focus on improving your service quality.