How does help desk software help my company?

Though it flies under the radar compared to sales and operations, customer service is the cornerstone of a company's success. Any shortcomings in the customer service department can cause serious repercussions to the company itself. Customer service procedures are complex, from handling a deluge of tickets to interacting with multiple departments on issue resolution. Here's how a help desk can lighten the burden:

Agent Productivity

Customer service agents need to investigate tickets, search for relevant information and convey a perfect solution to customers. All said and done, it involves a lot of time and patience. When agents slip up anywhere in the process, it can lead to angry customers, anxious agents and furious managers. How does the help desk ensure that agent productivity doesn't take a hit ?

  • It stores relevant help center articles and information from different teams in a single platform, reducing the amount of time agents take searching for information and ensuring faster ticket resolution.
  • It helps set up workflows to streamline the ticket load, allowing agents to manage tickets without any issues when faced with a sudden influx of tickets.
  • It collects all customer interactions in a single place and serves as a reference for agents when they are in need.

Team Collaboration

When a complex issue pops up, working with and between teams is very important to get the issue resolved quickly. Communication delays and lack of access to information can hamstring your customer service. Here's how help desk software ensures efficient teamwork:

  • It helps distribute work across the customer support team, so that one agent isn't be overloaded with tickets while the rest don't have any.
  • It keeps everyone on the team updated about tickets, avoiding agent collision on a single ticket.
  • It serves as a platform for ticket discussions and urgent announcements.

Insights and Impact

Manually monitoring parameters that affect a team's performance, especially when that team is spread across channels, is a Herculean task. Those details require tedious manual logging, which can fall prey to delays and data loss. A good help desk keeps track of team performance, response times and areas that need improvement. Consequently, it can help save a lot of time and energy which can be utilized to augment your customer service efforts.


Help desk software that offers self-service cuts down the team's workload exponentially. Making solutions easily available to customers frees up agents to tackle the more complicated tickets, while customers only have to reach out to the team when their problem is in need of human intervention.