What is the best way to evaluate help desk software?

Alright, so you've come to the realization that your company needs a help desk. You've scoured the market for options and now you're presented with a surplus of help desk options. How will you find the perfect fit for your company?

  • Start by defining the scope of service that you're looking to provide. This will help you identify the features and functions that you need your help desk to have. There are products in the market that offer the full spectrum of customer service features, as well as those that have niche functionality. Read about the features, analyze use cases, compare them across brands and find the perfect fit.

  • Figure out what your budget is. Most help desks have per agent pricing models. Based on your team's size, look out for the software that provides maximum features at a reasonably low price.

  • Once you find a match based on those factors, try the software on for size. Most services offer a free trial of some sort. For this, you should get your whole team on board to make users with different roles are satisfied with the software's performance. Help desk software is usually heavy on the setup, so don't shy away if it seems a bit daunting at first. Whether or not a help desk works for you depends equally on its offering and how well it is set up. Get help if you need it; brands are only too happy to show you around their product!

  • If the brand sends across material on product education (which most products do during the trial), make an effort to use that material to further understand how to use their product.

Customer service isn't a one-day affair. It's not even a 14-day affair. Ask to extend your trial if you feel that will help you really validate the software's utility in your case. Take the time to run through as many of your team's use cases as possible.