5 factors to consider when drawing the budget for help desk software

  • Team size
  • Business type
  • Feasible extensions
  • In line with the brand
  • Scaling up
  • 1. Team size

    Most help desk tools have per agent pricing plans. If you have a large team, you can look for the plan that has the most of your required features, at a low cost per agent. However, if you're starting with a small team, you'll want to look for a plan that's not only economical right now, but will also scale well, should you hire more agents in the future.

  • 2. Business type

    If you're a small or medium-sized business, you need to exercise caution when allocating your budget for help desk software. You can't afford to spend a considerable chunk of your money on help desk software and the associated integrations, when you've got other departments that need your fiscal attention.

  • 3. Feasible extensions

    Installing help desk software isn't enough. You need to budget for the integrations associated with it. While the help desk software itself may be economical, the essential integrations may not be. Before choosing your new help desk software, make sure you know what integrations you'll need and account for those in your budget.

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  • 4. In line with the brand

    Help desk software isn't the only factor behind good customer service. To offer a comprehensive experience, the help desk has to go with the brand theme. Check for software compatibility to ensure that your company doesn't fall prey to the silo effect. Make sure it's customizable, so that all of your customer service contact points and portal(s) have the same brand, logo, and color scheme as the rest of your site.

  • 5. Scaling up

    You can always start small and grow later. Look for help desk tools with flexible pricing plans, so you can unlock features as needed. Make sure to check what functionalities each plan offers and compare different help desk apps to make the best choice.

A Beginner-friendly Guide for your businesses

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