How can I budget for a help desk software?

Now that you've decided to purchase a help desk software for your contact center, your next step is to draw a budget. Here are a few things to think about when determining your budget:

Team size

Most help desks have per agent pricing plans. So, if you have a large team, find the plan that fits in most of the features that you need at a low cost per agent. However, if you're just starting out with a small team, find a plan that's not only economical, but accommodating as well, should you hire more agents in the future.

Type of business

If you're a small or medium-sized business, you need to exercise caution when allocating your budget for help desk software. You can't afford to spend a considerable chunk of your money on help desk software and the associated integrations, when you've got other departments that need your fiscal attention.

External integrations

Installing help desk software isn't enough. You need to budget for the integrations associated with it. While the help desk software can be economical, some of the essential integrations may not be. Before zeroing in on a help desk software, make sure that you're aware of the integrations required to run smoothly and can afford to pay for them too.

Compatibility with your company

Help desk software isn't the only factor behind good customer service. In order to provide your customers with a comprehensive experience, the help desk has to work well with software that other departments in your company are using. Check for software compatibility to ensure that your company doesn't fall prey to the silo effect.