What if I don't get a help desk software at all?

If you say "What's so cool about help desk software? I'm fine with the way things are", and run customer support sans software, the following are some situations you might come across very soon.

  • You need to spend considerable time and labor to log calls and collate tickets distributed across different channels. With multiple ways for customers to reach out to customer service, keeping tabs on all your tickets can be a tiring task.

  • Information that you need in order to interact with customers is scattered across different platforms and departments. When you have limited time to dedicate to each interaction, searching for that right bit of information can be overwhelming. To solve customer problems, you need to contact different departments for information, leading to unnecessary delays and multiple call transfers. Consequently, this may impact the quality of your customer service.

  • When there is a sudden influx of customer inquiries, it becomes arduous to streamline your workflow. As a result, your team may find itself overloaded, struggling to pay attention to each customer. At the end of the day, your customer service center will look like a battlefield with frustrated agents, angry customers, and agitated managers.

  • Communicating within and across teams can be taxing when you're saddled with an abundance of calls, chats and meetings. Time that could be spent closing tickets winds up spent looking out for team members, organizing meetings, contacting departments, and keeping tabs on your tickets.

  • Customer service managers may find it cumbersome to keep track of agent and team performance as they pore over long, winding reports for each metric. Any time a situation arises that needs a manager's attention, it can be very difficult for that manager to grasp the situation and take effective action without the appropriate information.

Long story short, in the absence of help desk software, your customer service team can easily find themselves drowning in paperwork. Your agents and managers will be spending time on menial tasks that could be easily automated, instead of focusing on helping customers resolve their issues and enhancing their experience.