Facebook Lead Ads Integration for Zoho Social.

Zoho Social integrates with Facebook Lead Ads to capture and monitor leads in real time, analyze performance of ad campaigns, and easily import lead information to Zoho CRM.

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All your leads, in real time.

Sync your Facebook Ad account with Zoho Social to collect leads from your Lead Ads, in real-time. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually downloading leads from Facebook. Even better, push them directly to Zoho CRM with one click.

More social context.

Associate your leads with their social profiles on other networks. View their social media updates, gain more context, and engage with them more effectively—all from a single screen.

Zoom in on your campaign details.

Measure performance easily.

Get quick insights into your campaign's reach, the number of leads generated, the cost per lead, and other important clarifying metrics.

Discover demographics that matter.

Identify the most engaged demographic for your ads. Measure the ROI, with details such as the number of leads and the cost-per-action for your Lead Ads campaigns.

Experiment with ad placement.

Learn how your Lead Ads are performing on both Facebook and Instagram, across desktop and mobile devices.

Automatically push leads to Zoho CRM.

Create and enable workflow rules to send leads coming from Lead Ads to your Zoho CRM account. Convert Lead Ad engagement—likes and comments—into Leads or Contacts.

Attribute revenue to your Lead Ad campaigns.

Identify the Lead Ad campaigns, advertisement sets, and individual ads that help you generate the most leads and revenue.

Start doing more with Facebook Lead Ads, today.

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