What are social media tools

Bring together the reach of social media and the resourcefulness of a digital assistant. Now add to this a generous sprinkling of logic and code. You have what we call a 'social media tool'.

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Simplify branding with a social tool

Social media marketing which was an endless list of manual tasks—from publishing branded content on LinkedIn, to posting Instagram promos—is now a single interface activity thanks to the birth of these 'social media tools' that do the job for you effectively. 

Brand manager or solopreneur, a social media tool finds its functionality in your life as long as you have looked at social media as a place to extract business value. From carrying out market research, managing your content calendar, right down to churning relevant and in-depth reports - a social media tool goes a long way in adding value to the business hours you spend on any social network.

Who uses social media tools

Anyone who uses social media platforms for generating business results can put to use a social media tool that matches their goals. While the demographics are quite literally a mixed bag, we can zone-in on a few segments of people who can be greatly benefited with the use of a tool designed for powering social media projects.


Entrepreneurs to position themselves on social media


Start-ups to build interest around their offering


Businesses to get the word out on their company

Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies to juggle marketing for multiple brands


Non-profits to create awareness on issues


Organizations to manage their community marketing

Benefits of social media tools

  • Who your core audience 
  • High-traffic hours for your brand 
  • Engagement for your brand 
  • Marketing decisions 
  • Business ROI for your brand 

Discovering who your core audience are

A social media tool is your eyes and ears into the industry. With social listening strategies like hashtag research or keyword analysis as part of your routine, you can discover who your core audience is and understand their interests better.

Social media tools help isolate not just the trends, but also key demographics relevant to your business and learn more about their interests. It is also helps brands discern if 'vanity metrics'—likes, shares and re-posts that look good on the page—are adding the right value to your business.

Uncovering high-traffic hours for your brand

Arguably one of the most debated social media topics, finding that intersection point between your content calendar and your audience interest isn't easy. 

A social media tool understands this. The idea tool understands your specific audience and their online patterns‐using this it guides you to the best window of time to post your content, for getting the visibility that your brand needs.

Getting more engagement for your brand

Juggling active daily engagements, while maintaining a busy posting schedule is tricky. On social media, brands have heavy multitasking needs from responding to mentions in real‐time, to seizing the right trends and brand opportunities. That's why it's important to be able to monitor all the social channels for a brand from a single dashboard.

Using analytics to guide your marketing decisions

Social media metrics are a live-portrait of your brand's performance and reach. Forget metrics that are vague and hard to gain value from and give up altogether on excel sheet calculations. 

With a social media tool, you can measure only what matters to your brand and build customized reports to study your growth on social media and share it with your team. Because learning where your marketing strengths lie is just as important as knowing the challenges out there.

Tapping into that business ROI for your brand

Measuring the results of your social media efforts will help figure‐out your social media ROI (Return on Investment). Your social ROI is the performance sheet that shows how your social strategy is helping achieve your goals. 

Whether it's generating website visits, or campaigns engagements‐a social media tool can help measure crucial performance metrics with far more accuracy. As most marketing efforts eventually flow into sales—it becomes crucial for your social media tool to track how leads from social media funnel into your business.

How to choose a social media tool

Once you've figured out that you could enlist the help of a social tool, the next part is the most important of them all‐choosing the right tool.

There are scores of tools out there. But not every single one is going to work for you. If you're a big brand with massive social media requirements, then a small tool designed with a few tight features may not really integrate well with your internal brand ecosystem. 

While one social media tool can offer many features, the ability to customize your plans midway or adding more team members could be impossible. Similarly a smaller tool may not pack every feature, but can cover all the fundamentals at a much lower price‐point which may be your actual level of need.

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Why Zoho Social

Why Zoho Social

From hitting you with our latest blogs on LinkedIn, putting out event promos on Instagram, to making product announcement posts (sometimes all at once!)‐Zoho Social powers all social media for us at ground zero. 

After years of watching the social media space and trying out various marketing tools, we understand the importance of a cohesive social media tool, and how it can help build your brand. We’ve been there, and we wanted a tool that does all of it. That’s exactly why we built Zoho Social. 

From getting more eye balls for the content you share and measuring its performance, to collaborating with your team and telling your brand's story in ways that resonate best with your audience‐Zoho Social helps you get all the right attention your brand deserves.

Zoho Social

So intuitive that you don’t need a guided tour.

Creating a stellar product for our customers, comes first. Everything else is secondary. If the tool fails you, none of the added benefits that come along with it matters. With that in mind, we designed Zoho Social in a way that’s easy‐to‐use, simple to understand, and checks all the right boxes of making you feel like you’re on your home‐ground. 

Multiple social media channels. One powerful tool.

Social posts, organic campaigns, reports, or personal messages. You name it and it's on the list of things you can manage using Zoho Social. And, it definitely doesn't warrant switching between different tabs on your browser. You can stay tuned to conversations about you, make smarter decisions, or publish awesome content, from a single platform.

Scheduling, that's smart. And monitoring, that's super real‐time.

You take the effort of creating good‐looking posts. We help you target your audience when they are most active. Adding relevant columns to listen to what people are saying about your brand, saving time by automating your posts, and tracking important keywords, are just one of the many things we do right.

Analyze and improve anything that's measurable.

How did that latest X (formerly Twitter) post perform? What type of content is working better? You've got questions. We've got all the right numbers to help you measure what matters. From getting basic stats on your posts and key connections, to creating reports just the way you want—gain insights from in-depth social media analytics.

A shared space for everyone on your team.

Collaborating with your colleagues, and brainstorming on ideas for your brand should be simple and fun. You need a place to brainstorm, exchange feedback on drafts, and keep an organized record of all the discussions for your team members to look back on, any time. That's why we built a social media tool with an built‐in collaborative layer.

When marketing meets sales and customer service.

Discovered new prospects through Zoho Social? Integrate with Zoho CRM to automate your lead generation efforts so your sales team can close deals faster. Not just that. Pair Zoho Social with Zoho Desk to easily create tickets from social updates for your support team to act on.

Simplify social media management

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