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What is Automation?

Automation can help you to automate the real-time sales operations. It can ease your process like triggering an action to the visitors, sending a proactive chat invite to the website visitors, allows you to monitor your sales representatives, routing visitors to the operators, etc.

What is the use of Intelligent Trigger Rule?

The Intelligent trigger rule helps you to automate certain actions performed to your website visitors like sending proactive chat invite to the website visitors, make the chat button glow, show a banner to the website visitor as announcement, etc. In real-time the actions performed to the website visitors through the chat button can attract the visitors. The options available in the intelligent triggers can ease your process of automating the actions performed to the visitors.

Is it possible to use my own Code to trigger an action to my website visitor?

Yes, using Intelligent trigger ->Invoke JSAPI option it is possible to use your own ideas to trigger an action to your website visitors. You can write your own code and implement in your website (you also have the skeleton code along with the Invoke JSAPI option) enter the trigger name in the Invoke JSAPI option. Set the condition and criteria to trigger the rule, and your own idea to trigger an action to your website visitors is ready to perform an action to the targeted visitors.

Is it possible to route visitors to specific operator?

Yes, you can route visitors to specific operators by selecting the "Route to Selected Operators" option from the Visitor Routing. You can choose a rule for routing the specific type of visitors and choose the Operator for whom the visitors to be routed.

What is the Order of visitor Routing?

The rules follow a top-down execution method, whichever rule first matches the visitor criteria will be executed.

Do I have an option to route the rest of the visitors to other operator who doesn't match any criteria?

Yes, by checking the "Route rest of the visitors to all operators" option below the rules. The visitors who doesn't match any criteria will be routed to all other operators.

Is it possible to monitor a operator chat while supporting the website visitors?

Yes, it is possible for the Administrator and the Supervisor to monitor the associate chatting with the visitor. By adding the type of conversation or operator you would like to monitor in the Chat monitor section, the chats will be visible for you while the operator converse with the website visitors.

Who can monitor Chats?

RoleCan Monitor
AdministratorSupervisor and Associate

Is it possible to join the monitoring chat?

By clicking on the Join this Chat button, the Administrator/Supervisor can join the on going chat session and chat with the visitor along with the Associate.

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