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Billed MonthlyFree /operator license /operator license /operator license
Get a discount of more than 20% with the yearly plansBilled AnnuallyFree /operator license/month /operator license/month /operator license/month
The number of authorized users that can be added.Operator licenses included3111
Brands help you manage the different customer touchpoints (website, mobile app, and email signature live chat) of each of your organization’s business streams under a single SalesIQ portal. You get one brand by default but can buy more as add-ons.Brands1111
Personalize your Zoho SalesIQ account by replacing the default logo and favicon with that of your company's.BRANDING
Company favicon-YesYesYes
Company logo-YesYesYes
Grant appropriate roles (Associate, Supervisor, or Administrator) with varying permissions to your operators.Roles and permissionsYesYesYesYes
The total number of unique chats you can have with visitors from your Zoho SalesIQ account each month.Chat volume per month100Have up to 100 chats from your Zoho SalesIQ account each month.1000Have up to 1000 chats from your Zoho SalesIQ account each month.UnlimitedHave unlimited chats from your Zoho SalesIQ account each month.UnlimitedHave unlimited chats from your Zoho SalesIQ account each month.
Group operators into departments based on business function, service location, or area of expertise to route incoming chats.Departments13 + (number of brand purchased x 3)5 + (number of brand purchased x 3)25 + (number of brand purchased x 3)
The number of rules you can set up to automate chat invites/messages to visitors or customers based on their demography, actions on the site, or purchase history.Proactive chat trigger rules-310100
The number of rules you can set up to route incoming chats to operators or departments.Chat routing rules-3+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)10+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)100
The number of rules you can set to assign your website visitors to specific operators.Visitor routing rules-3+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)10+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)25+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)
Stop spammers from accessing the chat widget on your website by blocking their IP addresses.Block IP--YesYes
Give your team a professional workplace by creating a list of terms you deem abusive and configuring chat closure or blocking their IP when they come up in a chat.Profanity management---10 libraries
Get appropriate auto-generated reply recommendations from your resources to respond to customers.Smart suggestions---Yes
Automatically get chats translated into a language you're fluent in and get your responses translated into your customer's language with Zoho's built-in chat translation tool.Chat translation--YesYes
Label your chats, contacts, and companies that have contacted you to categorize and organize all your customer communication so you can find them easily at a later point.Tags---30
Transfer chats to other operators when you encounter questions that are beyond your area of expertise or job role.Chat transfer-YesYesYes
Add another operator from your team to an ongoing live chat conversation.Group chat with customers-YesYesYes
View the chat archives of all visitors who've had a chat with your team.Chat history30 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Set an upper limit on the number of chats that are assigned to each of your operators at a time.Concurrent chat limityesYesYesYes
Strike a balance between agent load and customer waiting time by setting up chat queue that lines up chats to be handled one after the other.Chat queue--YesYes
Configure the chat widget on each of your websites to go offline after specified hours. Customers can still leave an offline message that you can address later.Brand-specific business hours-YesYesYes
Configure the email addresses you want to use when sending visitors email responses and chat transcripts, as well as which email address will receive customer feedback, missed chat alerts, or alerts when agents block an IP.Department based email configuration--YesYes
Email templates-2550Unlimited
Get more information about your visitor's organization like company name, size, location, industry, social media profiles, and the technology the company already uses without any third-party integrations.Company profile enrichmentZia---Yes
Monitor your operators' chats and calls in real time to ensure all aspects of your customer communication meets your standards.Conversation monitor--YesYes
View a real-time list of all your website visitors along with their status, grouped into four segments with varying priority levels based on the criteria you define.Live visitor dashboardYesYesYesYes
View a real-time list of all your website visitors categorized based on the criteria you choose. Once you've crossed your tracking limit, you can extend it at an additional charge.Monthly visitor tracking limit10K50K100K200K
Gauge your prospects' sales-readiness based on your own criteria. Lead scoring rules-2525100
Set up rules to rank your B2B leads based on criteria like industry, company size, number of visits by employees of the company, and more.Company scoring rules-2525100
Custom chatbotsSet up custom chatbots using Zobot—SalesIQ's advanced bot building platform that comes with a codeless bot builder and a programmable bot interface.-1510
Access an NLP-driven chatbot powered by our own AI technology, Zia, to understand common customer queries and answer them using your resource library.Answer BotZia---Yes
Add Answer Bot capabilities (AI-based) to your codeless and programmable chatbots.Hybrid chatbot---Yes
Get an overview of all the visitors who have visited your website and their details.VisitorsYesYesYesYes
Get a list of visitors who've left you their contact information such as email address, phone number, etc. that can be used to perform a follow-up.ContactsYesYesYesYes
For easy B2B contact management, get a list of all companies whose employees have initiated a chat with you, along with enriched company details.Company-YesYesYes
Export the data on your people module into .csv or .xls files. Export People data--YesYes
Let customers leave a message, even when all your agents are offline, which you can easily respond to at a later period. Offline messagingYesYesYesYes
Give customers access to all past conversations they've had with your operators, as individual conversations right within the chat window.Visitor-side chat history-YesYesYes
Allow visitors to reopen a closed chat to seek further assistance on the issue with context.Chat reopening-YesYesYes
Give customers the ability to mask all but the last four digits of their credit card number when shared over your live chat. Credit card maskingYesYesYesYes
Share files with your visitors to quickly give them access to the solutions they need.File sharingYesYesYesYes
Let visitors ask complex questions and explain solutions to them through voice notes in the live chat window.Voice noteYesYesYesYes
Make and receive audio calls to and from your website visitors right from the chat window without installing additional software.Audio call-YesYesYes
Visually aid customers by sharing your screen or ask them to share their screen to understand their issue better.Screensharing-YesYesYes
CLICK-TO-CALLLet customers get on a call with your support agents by just clicking a button on your website, with no additional software.
Supervise your team by listening to calls between operators and visitors in real-time.Call monitoring-YesYesYes
Transfer calls to other operators if customers have questions that are beyond your scope.Call transfer-YesYesYes
Call requests that come in while your operators are busy will be added to a queue from where you can choose to answer or decline them.Call queue-YesYesYes
The number of conditions you can add to connect calls initiated by visitors to a specific operator or department.Call routing rules-3+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)10+number of operator licenses purchased (Max limit - 100)100
Compose documents like product details and instructions that customers can view right from the chat window or the Answer Bot can share as responses to a query.Articles-10010002000
Provide responses to common questions that your Answer Bot and operators can use to directly answer visitor queries.FAQs-5010002000
Questions unanswered by your Answer Bot are automatically recorded along with the number of occurrences so your team can keep your resources module up to date.Unanswered questions---Yes
Quickly launch pre-programmed responses to common questions in a click while responding to customers.Canned replies252510005000
Give your Answer Bot a human touch by adding a library of engaging phrases to facilitate friendly interaction with customers.Small talks---10
Create a library of terms related to your domain, along with alternates, so your Answer Bot is well-trained to respond when customers use industry jargon.Business terms---Yes
Give your visitors a gateway to instantly reach out to you by adding live chat to your website.WebsiteYesYesYesYes
Add live chat to your iOS and Android mobile applications and connect with your app users in real time.Mobile appYesYesYesYes
Add a chat widget to your email signature so prospects can chat with you right from their inbox.Email signature-yesYesyes
Provide seamless support to customers who've subscribed to your business's Telegram bot. *This channel will be available based on the rules and regulations of your country.Telegram-YesYesyes
Link your Instagram account with SalesIQ to instantly get notified and respond to follower queries. *This channel will be available based on the rules and regulations of your country.Instagram-YesYesyes
Provide seamless support to customers and engage new leads visiting your business's Facebook page through Facebook Messenger. *This channel will be available based on the rules and regulations of your country.Facebook Messenger-YesYesyes
Integrate WhatsApp Business with your SalesIQ account and extend instant support to customers on their favorite instant messaging channel. *This channel will be available based on the rules and regulations of your country.WhatsApp-YesYesyes
Let customers reach out to you via LINE and deliver a frictionless customer support experience. *This channel will be available based on the rules and regulations of your countryLINE-YesYesyes
View and update customer data from your Zoho apps/third-party apps or databases right within the agent chat screen.Widgets--3050
Map your brand-specific third-party apps and data to the relevant brand.Brand-specific widgets--35
Create and manage the data fields to be displayed in your widgets and their specific actions using form controllers.Form controller--10100
Set up webhooks to receive updates about organization structure modifications like changes in operators, departments, etc.Admin webhooks---3
Set up webhooks to receive updates about customer data modifications changes in initiated chats, customer details, etc.Data webhooks---10
Get daily reports consisting of the number of visitors on the site, top pages and traffic sources, number of chats, and operator availability delivered right to your inbox.Daily - ScheduledYesYesYesYes
Get scheduled weekly reports showing site traffic with source, visitor, chat, and operator stats delivered to your inbox.Weekly - Scheduled--YesYes
Get a monthly roundup of visitor stats with location, top pages, actions, chats, and operator performance, delivered straight to your inbox.Monthly - Scheduled--YesYes
Get detailed real-time statistics including number of chats, average response time, online vs idle hours, visitor stats, and more right within your SalesIQ portal.Real-time reporting--YesYes
Drupal 7YesYesYesYes
Drupal 8YesYesYesYes
Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with your Zoho CRM account and give your team instant access to your customer database.Zoho CRMYesYesYesYes
Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with your Zoho Desk account and give your team instant access to all your customer support interactions.Zoho DeskYesYesYesYes
Allow your customers to book appointments right from within the chat window, and your staff to view and manage all their appointments right inside SalesIQ.NewZoho Bookings--YesYes
Enable your customers to make payments right from the website chat window. Payment gateways supported are Stripe,, 2Checkout, PayPal, Forte, Razorpay, Paytm, and PayTabs.NewZoho Checkout--YesYes
Conduct remote support sessions in real-time by allowing users to give you access to their screen. You get up to one session per day per user for free across all plans.Zoho AssistYesYesYesYes
Turn your Zoho SalesIQ reports into actionable insights by integrating with Zoho Analytics.Zoho Analytics--YesYes
Track visitors landing on your website from your email campaigns and add warm leads directly from SalesIQ to relevant mailing lists.Zoho CampaignsYesYesYesYes
Get your chats translated in real time into 100+ languages by connecting Google Translate to your SalesIQ portal.Google Translate-YesYesYes
Integrate your MailChimp account with Zoho SalesIQ to identify the traffic your website receives through marketing emails and targeted campaigns.MailChimp-YesYesYes
Get a complete view of all your support interactions logged in one, organized database by integrating you Zendesk account with Zoho SalesIQ.Zendesk-YesYesYes
Improve both sales and support by leveraging your Salesforce CRM data available within your Zoho SalesIQ dashboard.Salesforce CRM-YesYesYes
Get complete details of all your visitors, including their organization, industry, business size, annual revenue and much more.ClearBit-YesYesYes
Get complete details of all your visitors, including their organization, industry, business size, annual revenue and much more.Leadberry-YesYesYes
Start outbound calls directly to your prospects’ and customers’ phone numbers right from SalesIQ. We support integrations with 106 major cloud telephony providers including RingCentral, Jive, and Amazon Connect.Cloud telephony and PBX---Yes
Use Zoho SalesIQ on Mac, Windows or Ubuntu desktops for a browser-free experience.DESKTOP APPSyesyesyesYes
With the Zoho SalesIQ mobile app, operators can chat with customers from their mobile devices.OPERATOR MOBILE APPYesYesYesYes
Get a live feed of your visitors, customer behavior, popular pages, top departments, and more as easy-to-read graphs and charts on your Apple TV screen.APPLE TV APP--Access on 5 devicesAccess on 5 devices

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