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Pricing$129 / month$59 / month $19 / monthFree

Included UsersHow many authorized users each plan includes. 105 32

Cost per additional users per monthHow much it costs per month to add users beyond the amount a plan includes. $10 $10 - -

Live Chat Organization        

Number of visitor tracked per monthTotal number of daily unique visitors that you can track from your Zoho SalesIQ per month 100 K 50 K 10 K 5 K

Number of Web Embeds ( Custom embeds)Web Embeds are the portals you create, configure and add to a specific webpage that customers use to launch live chats with you. 25 5 3 1

Chat Volume per monthTotal number of unique chats you can have with visitors from your Zoho SalesIQ each month. Unlimited Unlimited 1000 chat conversations 100 chat conversations

Department Group your agent into departments for a better Live Support operation. Visitors can pick a relevant department before chatting 25 5 3 1

Tracking Rules (Customize your Tracking)Get more control over the type of visitors to be tracked in your website and assign them to specific agents. 25 10 3 -

Different Roles and PermissionsAdd users to your Zoho SalesIQ in one of three roles (Agent, Supervisor or Administrator). Roles give different permissions to access data and configure your operation Yes Yes Yes Yes

Chat historyView the archives of all visitors who have chatted with your Zoho SalesIQ. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30 days

Website visitor tracking        

Website visitor historyGet the list of all your website visitors. Use 20+ rules to segment and piroritize them. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Export website visitor list Export website visitors lists into .Csv or .Xls files. Easy to import into your email campaign platform. Yes Yes Yes -

Attach Lead scores to your website visitorsPrioritize the list of your website visitors based on their sales readiness even after they have left your website. Yes Yes Yes Yes

In Chat Features for Agents        

Tabbed organization - handle multiple chatsTabbed organization allows agents to easily chat with up to 9 visitors at one time. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Advanced visitor informationWhile chatting, get an automatic, accurate picture of a visitor with detailed info that helps you move quicker and provide tailored, higher-quality customer support. Advanced Advanced Advanced Basic

In chat file sharingThe ability to share files with your visitors, to quickly give them access to the solutions they need. Yes Yes Yes -

Future ViewSee a visitor's message as they type it, not when they ultimately hit submit, and get a head-start on finding their solution. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Canned Messages for quick strikesQuickly launch canned messages--pre-programmed responses to common questions, instructions, etc--to save you time and deliver customers the solutions they crave. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Transfer chats to other agentsBecause you know you sometimes aren't the best agent to be answering a particular question--or you might just need a break--easily transfer any chat to another agent. Unlock the synergetic power of your teams Yes Yes Yes Yes

IP block spammers or harassersDon't waste your valuable time with spammers or harassers, block them from ever hogging your resources again, straight from their IP address. Yes Yes - -

End your session smartlyDon't waste time waiting around, we give you options to end chat sessions--either end immediately after a great chat, or choose to end a stalled chat after a defined amount of inactivity. If the visitor comes back, the chat continues on. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Add and view notes to a chatEasily add linked notes during a chat about a customer, how the chat is going, or a particular issue you want to check into later. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Translation SupportYou can set a language for your own and chat with customers from different region using the translation. Yes - - -

Live Chat for your Customers        

Easy to connect Never has it been this easy for your customers to connect with customer support. In one-click, from the pages they are already visiting they are engaging with you and getting the answers they need--quickly. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Chat without leaving their current windowCustomers are able to chat with you from the page they are already on, in a clean unobtrusive chat window. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Offline messagingEven when all your agents are offline, customers can click-to-connect and leave a message, which you can easily respond to. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Easily upload files to agentsCustomers can quickly share screenshots (or other files) with you, within the chat window, so you can better understand their issues. Yes Yes Yes -

Voice their feedbackCustomers are able to share their feedback immediately after a chat is complete, leave their comments about your agents and how they felt treated. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Ability to rate their agentCustomers can rate their agent after a live chat is completed, so you can view how well your operation is wowing your customers. Yes Yes Yes Yes

E-mail themselves a transcriptCustomers can easily keep a record of the live chat by e-mailing themselves a transcript from within the chat window. They can also print a copy if desired. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Customize your live chat software        

Multiple embed optionsBecause one-size fits none, you have different options of how you place chat widgets on your sites. Buttons, float-windows or personalized boxes--you choose where and how you want to reach out to your customers. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Customize your embed's appearanceFor each embed you have the power to customize how it looks, colors, shape, icon, orientation and of course the text your customers see. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Customize the look and feel of your chat windowConfigure the chat window your customers see to fit in with your brand and website. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Advanced customization - chat window with CSSUpload your own, custom CSS code to further configure your live chat window. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Brand your Zoho SalesIQUpload your company's logo so you, and your customers can see your branding in your Zoho SalesIQ and chat windows. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Add your agent's photos for a personal touchEasily upload photos of your agents, and let your customers see who are they are chatting with to give your live chat operation a more personal feel. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Multiple brands, web domains, productsCreate and customize and add chat embeds to all of your brands or web domains. Support customers coming from different sites from one, organized dashboard. Yes Yes Yes -

Route chats to specific agents or departmentsConfigure custom embeds to route chats to a specific department or agent. With Zoho SalesIQ you can configure and organize your live chat operation in whatever shape you want. Yes Yes Yes -

Department based Email ConfigurationYou can configure the e-mail communications based on Department. Your Zoho SalesIQ can automatically send, to keep you, your agents, and others in your company informed of important data. Yes Yes - -

Advanced Live Chat Features        

Monitor live chatsView and monitor ongoing live chats to ensure all aspects of your customer support operation are meeting your standards. Set up monitors that let you view all chats from a defined visitor, agent or from a specified IP address. Yes Yes - -

Business HoursThis setup allows you to configure your embeds to go offline during non business hours. Yes Yes Yes -

Chat with customers from mobile devicesWith mobile chat support, you can configure agents to chat with customers from their mobile devices. Use any chat client that supports the Jabber protocol to chat from anywhere you choose. Yes Yes Yes -

Receive desktop notificationsThrough Google Chrome only you can configure to receive notifications of new chats directly from your desktop, so you don't have to be in your Zoho SalesIQ window to be alerted of what is going on. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Analytics IntegrationIntegrate Zoho SalesIQ with leading analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Clicky, KissMetrics Optimizely, Woopra, Piwik,MixPanel, HubSpot) and start collecting live chat related data into your analytics software. Yes Yes - -

Zoho CRM IntegrationIntegrate with your existing Zoho CRM account and give your team instant access to your customer database. Unify your customer interactions and give your team the tools and information to deliver instant happiness. Yes Yes Yes -

Zoho Support IntegrationIntegrate with your existing Zoho Support account and give your team instant access to your Ticketing Service. Unify your customer interactions and give your team the tools and information to deliver instant happiness. Yes Yes - -

The Zoho SalesIQ dashboard        

Inter-agent chatQuick access to your Zoho SalesIQ's fellow agents lets you communicate, collaborate and thrive. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Portal wide message boardShare important information, tips and tricks, updates or best practices with all your agents through Zoho SalesIQ's convenient message board. Agent's can view the information and participate in discussions without ever leaving the live chat they are in. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Notification CenterGet automatically updated on the status of your Zoho SalesIQ with the notification center, whatever you are working on or viewing, you get informed of your Zoho SalesIQ's vitals. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Easy access to integrated searchYou always have the ability to do a quick, powerful search, regardless of where in your Zoho SalesIQ you are. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Update your statusLike the chat programs you are familiar with, easily update your status to Available or Busy, to ensure you only receive chat requests when you are able to handle them. Yes Yes Yes Yes


Powerful pre-built reports and dashboardsGet a detailed picture of how your live chat operation is running, with pre-built dashboards to give you reports on your business overview, visitors and agents. Yes Yes - -

Daily statistics delivered to your inboxGet a daily, detailed picture of your live chat support operation delivered straight to your inbox. Yes Yes - -

Agent Performance ReportsView how a specific agent is performing, with reports built directly into each agent's profile. Yes Yes - -

Tracking dashboardGain insights into number of intelligent triggers initiated and responded. Understand new Vs returning visitors and average time spent by them on your webpages. Yes Yes - -

Monthly reportingDetailed insights about your website visitors, top agents and peak activity hours.Delivered right into your inbox. Yes - - -

Daily reportNever miss a beat on your website and get granular insights on a daily basis about the activity on your website. Yes Yes Yes -

Weekly reportGet a consolidated view about the activity on your website. Yes Yes - -

Schedule your reportsAutomate reports and get them delivered right into your inbox. Yes Yes Yes -

Number of reports that can be scheduledPick the website metrics that makes a difference to your business and automate multiple reports. 10 5 3 -