Ajay GopalakrishnanHR Lead, Pureplay

Zoho People is quite user-friendly and a hassle-free solution. The best part is, it's self-explanatory! I didn’t even do a walkthrough for employees on this because it's that self-sufficient! I see my employees accessing Zoho People day in and day out

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Ashish VikramChief Technology and Innovation Officer, SpiceJet Limited

HR technology has become an integral part of any organization. We were looking at a HR solution that could seamlessly integrate with the way we work without making any major disruptions. Zoho People was cost-effective, with great usability, and was also able to work with our other tools and existing processes. The Zoho team was flexible in making changes to as per our unique requirements.

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Sterling GardeFounder & President, Athreon

Zoho has simplified so many of our company's HR tasks. We couldn't imagine going back to the way we used to manage our HR processes.

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Iryna Nahorna COO, Innocode

For us it was really convenient to have the possibility to add additional users one-by-one upon hire, after reaching the limit for 50 people, without the need to purchase another block for 100+ people.

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Karim Ibrahim Founder, Dafater

We have more structure and it’s all streamlined. We are saving a lot of time which can be used productively.

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Reshmi SHR Professional, Cabot Technology Solutions

We use the Reports feature a lot for various insights, specifically reports on Leave module report, attendance, and user rating. Our finance team uses the reimbursement approval feature a lot. And of course, there are features everyone loves like birthdays, work anniversaries, and auto reminders.

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Pravin Khopkar, Manager AdministrationNitai Partners Inc.

It's great to have our attendance, timseheets and employee database all in a single location. Zoho People has a very good support system.

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Prince Francis HR Manager, Taru Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd

As an HR guy, i believe Zoho People is one of the best available HR software solution that i've come across.

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HiteshDirector, Simulation Lab™

We did analyze other vendors, but Zoho People worked well for us because of its efficient attendance management system that comes with geo-tagging options, which eliminates the need for biometrics. Also the fact that we're used to Zoho products was important

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Zuzana ReingraberovaEvent & Training Manager, tesena

One of the best things about Zoho People is its flexibility. It is not used just by our HR department but also by our Delivery Leaders, Office Management, Training Department and Finance Departments.

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Hussam Al HaddadManaging Director, Ateis ME

The efficiency of our HR function has improved tremendously; 70%-80% of our manual work has been moved to Zoho People. It is all in the cloud now, so we have access wherever we go.

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Boopathy KumarHead of Offshore Delivery, Serendebyte

Most of our employees work on projects, and they use Zoho People on an everyday basis, entering task hours and creating Jobs. Our finance team then looks at the billable tasks and generates invoices that are sent to customers.

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Malay KumarDirector of Operations, Cotelligent India Pvt Ltd.

Zoho People's simplicity, ease of use and it being extensively customizable makes it perfect for us.

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Ms. Natalia Oprica, Manager AdministrationKeepcalling

We are very pleased with Zoho services. A great advantage is the fact that they keep improving the platform, making it easier to use with every day that passes. Plus, with every new update, new features and customization are available. These options make the website even more efficient and user friendly. Last, but not least, we are happy that Zoho took into account and analyzed all our suggestions. It's great to see a company that truly cares about its customers' feedback.

Surender D, HR ManagerFIME India

An interactive tool with a great UI and flexibility to customize without any help makes it easy to use. The compelling factor for choosing Zoho People above many other solutions is their prompt customer support. The software helps us extract direct business reports, time sheet reports and more, in a few clicks.

Beatriz, HR AssociateCommercial Eyes

"We can create our own forms which is really great. Zoho People adapts to our specific needs.And we Love the new dashboard, our employees can easily apply for leave directly."

Kuda Mugabe, HR ManagerOaksure Insurance

It is a great system that empowers employees to manage their own information and allows the HR consultants to customize interfaces.

Abhishek Mazumdar CEO, The Logical Indian

I would have to say my favorite thing about Zoho People is the Performance Management module. Sure, we use the Leave and Attendance modules more often, but performance management is a challenging task, and you've made it simple for us.

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Catalina Robu Project Manager, Women Win

The productivity of our HR department has increased by 200% since the launch of Zoho People.

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Brinda JayaramanManager Systems, Visual BI

Zoho People has seamlessly merged into our organization and helped us streamline all our HR processes.

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Kyle LautonSupport, Q7Technology.

Approvals are now routed to the right person and the multi-level approval with criteria is simply amazing.

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N Lakshminarayanan, HR ManagerTabtree IT Consulting & Services LLP

Zoho People helps us save time and money. With most of our employees working in the field, mobile check-in/ check-out makes our job easy. With Zoho People, we are able to streamline all our time off requests, track details of employees in a single window and automate a lot of tasks reducing back and forth emails.

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