About Serendebyte

Learn how an IT services firm are using Zoho People for employee management and time tracking.

Boopathy Kumar Head of Offshore Delivery

About Serendebyte

Serendebyte, an IT solutions firm, was founded by Dilip Balakrishnan in 2014. His vision was simple: providing the best Business Process Management solutions for customers. Serendebyte offers a wide variety of BPM solutions, ranging from End-to-End BPM solution implementation to BPM testing services and BPM enablement, among others.

Serendebyte has grown rapidly in the last few years, from less than 15 employees to close to 100 employees now--and growing. They have also been using Zoho People since 2016.

Life with spreadsheets

"We have been using Zoho People for two years now, but before that, most of our employee data was stored on spreadsheets," said Boopathy Kumar, Head of Offshore Delivery at Serendebyte. He also added, "It was so much of work for our HR, as they had to get their basic tasks done and also enter employee attendance, leave, and contact information in spreadsheets everyday."

After using Zoho People

Now, Serendebyte's employees are using Zoho People. "We are in the services industry, and our most important requirement is time tracking and Zoho People had that feature," Boopathy says. He went on, "Most of our employees work on projects, and they use Zoho People on an everyday basis, entering task hours and creating Jobs. Our finance team then looks at the billable tasks and generates invoices that are sent to customers.

To prevent duplicate work, employee attendance is automatically taken whenever hours are logged.

Boopathy concluded by saying, "We are almost 100 employees now, but our HR team size has remained the same as it was when we were 15. One of the main reasons for that is Zoho People."