DLT Labs reduces 60% of manual HR work with Zoho People

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Business Size

The company

DLT Labs is a global leader in enterprise blockchain software, as well as a pioneer in the creation and implementation of standards for application development. With one of the world's largest pools of blockchain experts, DLT Labs helps transform complex, multi-stakeholder processes.

Founded in 2017, DLT Labs has rapidly grown into a workforce of over 500 employees spread across India, Canada, and Japan.

The challenge

DLT Labs was expanding rapidly while relying on inefficient tools for their people operations. "The HRMS we were using was outdated, extremely tough to use, and couldn't fit our requirements," said Ramita Sett, Senior Manager of Human Resources. Because of redundant systems, the HR team at DLT Labs was spending around 10 hours a week manually entering employee data and other HR information.

This caused immense dependency on manual data entry, which in turn led to a lack of transparency and disparate data. " We have a workforce spread across three different countries " noted Ramita Sett. This required a system that could "maintain employee information and processes in a consistent and organized manner, with a feasibility for customizations on the go

With an aim to increase visibility, improve efficiency, and facilitate organizational development, DLT Labs started their search for a better HR solution.

The solution

This search ended when the company found Zoho People online. The product features, modern interface, and customization capabilities set Zoho apart for the HR team. The team began building various systems on Zoho People, including those for employee management, leave and attendance data management, and employee engagement.

One of the biggest advantages of adopting Zoho People was that DLT Labs was able to set up a seamless performance management process. Employees can review their work through self-appraisals, and managers can give feedback and ratings through manager and multi-rater reviews. Moreover, the HR team is able to customize the appraisal process based on their requirements and timelines. This has given them a huge step up in helping employees achieve their goals and perform their best.

Reporting and analytics are quintessential for businesses now more than ever. With Zoho People, DLT Labs can drill deep into any metrics that the HR team, leadership, or managers required. From attrition and time-off trends to performance metrics, everything is tracked via Zoho People.

" We wanted a system that was transparent, easy-to-use, and did the job well. We're glad to have found Zoho People. Our employees are comfortable using the tool, and it's easy to configure too. We've had a smooth performance management process since we deployed Zoho People ".

Ramita Sett - Ramita Sett, Senior Manager of Human Resources, DLT Labs

Integrations also play an important role in the company's new system. DLT Labs uses Zoho Recruit to attract and hire candidates, and this software readily syncs with Zoho People. Once the company sends a candidate their offer letter, onboarding can start in just a few clicks. Plus, employee login credentials are securely shared with the new hire through Zoho Vault, a password management tool. They’re now looking at integrating Zoho Payroll with Zoho People to align performance management and employee compensation aspects. This will provide the team with a holistic view of any employee’s information on one platform.

Benefits and ROI

After implementing Zoho People, the team at DLT Labs has seen a tremendous improvement in HR processing efficiency. As part of a dispersed team, employees have access to all important information in a centralized location. This includes leave applications, leave balances, and performance reviews through self-service. Managers are able to view and govern shift hours for their teams, as well as approve and manage leave and overtime requests from their mobile devices. This enables them to complete routine tasks at the click of a button.

The HR team has seen a 60% reduction in manual work that previously took up most of their time and effort. Though DLT Labs has seen a large amount of growth, their HR team has remained a consistent size at nine members .

Zoho People has also made the company's onboarding two times faster compared to the previous software.

The HR team has seen a 60% reduction in manual work

Looking forward

DLT Labs continues to grow and deliver the best possible service to their clients. The company understand that a happy and efficient workforce is the key to success, and technology plays a pivotal role in effective people operations. Zoho People will continue to scale with DLT Labs’ growing requirements.