About the Company

It's great to have our attendance, timseheets and employee database all in a single location. Zoho People has a very good support system.

Pravin Khopkar Manager Administration - Nitai Partners Inc

About the Company

Nitai Partners is a renowned IT company providing services covering all aspects of Business Intelligence. With their experienced and committed team of consultants they provide innovative business solutions through Master Data Management, CRM, Oracle Business Intelligence , Data Warehousing, Oracle Identity Management and Enterprise Content Management.


  • Use of manual methods for HR management. This meant lot of paper work and excel sheets.
  • Too much pressure on the HR Department and waste of valuable resources.
  • Difficulty to manage attendance and employee Check Out/ Check In
  • Filling and submitting timesheets were too strenuous and involved a lot of manual work and reminders


  • A Simplified and centralized employee database where all employees are managed from a single location. Employees can apply for leave and get manager approval in the same portal.
  • An Employee Self Service option that enables the employees to update and have access to their own personal information, hence saving the time of the HR.
  • A system that makes Attendance, Time - off and Timesheet management a breeze.


  • With Zoho People all the HR processess are automated. This means the HR are more relaxed and can concentrate on other important activities.
  • Using an HR system increases the productivity of valuable resources such as people, time and money.
  • The Self service empowers the employees and the organization grows as a whole.