About the Company

"Zoho People has seamlessly merged into our organization and helped us streamline all our HR processes. New hire onboarding has never been this easy and the best part is that we can go back to any record, at any given time and check the history"

Brinda Jayaraman Manager Systems - Visual BI

About the Company

Visual BI is one of the nation's leading and fastest growing consulting firms focusing exclusively on Business Intelligence & Analytics. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Visual BI has won recognition from customers for driving high-touch engagements driven by their team of platinum-level consultants, their agile delivery model and innovative solutions. They offer cover end-to-end BI services, industry and domain-specific solutions, custom visualization controls (SAP Dashboards and SAP Design Studio), cloud-based analytics and they are the leading innovator and enabler of Big Data Analytics and Visualization.


Visual BI was in need of a single solution that made the job of their HR easier. "We were looking for a one-stop solution, because we had only one HR to take care of all our company's activities", says Brinda Jayaraman, Manager – Systems at Visual BI They faced difficulty in managing employee requirements with regard to attendance, time-off, approvals and expense reimbursements.

Defining work flows and other processes was becoming complicated due to the rapid growth of the organization. "We wanted to move towards a web - based system rather than use manual methods and emails." says Brinda.


Visual BI started using Zoho People initially for Leave and employee database management. Soon they started customizing their forms extensively for keeping track of the training offered, registration status and all other details.

"Our Team leads can just click on an employee record in Zoho People and view all his training details, from the ones he had registered for, till the trainings that were completed."

The entire reimbursement process is now more automated. Brinda says, "Employees can just add the required expenses and upload bills instead of running to the HR or Finance department with them"

Visual BI make use of the Feeds and Notifications in Zoho People to make any announcement or pass on any information to the employees. "It helps save time and we need not contact each and every employee personally".


Visual BI is thrilled with how much time and resources have been saved ever since Zoho People was implemented. "With Zoho People report generation is more streamlined and it helps the organization make faster and effective managerial decisions”.

Visual BI feels that if they had not implemented an HRMS they might have had to increase the HR head count and still not been able to cope with the increasing employee demands.

"Having a system that empowers our employees is truly amazing", Brinda said.