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Unlock the true potential of cloud video conferencing


    Real-time remote collaboration

    Get remote teams together and efficiently collaborate using real time audio and video conferencing. Launch instant virtual meetings, schedule meetings ahead of time, and empower your remote business collaboration using one cloud meeting solution.


    Shared cloud workspace

    Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues in real time over one shared workspace. Share your entire screen or a specific application to deliver presentations and work together on projects. Use the collaborative whiteboard to note down points and prepare real-time flowcharts.


    Secure cloud video conferencing

    Keep hackers at bay using Zoho Meeting's cloud-based video conferencing. Your audio and video feeds are protected by TLS 1.2 encryption. Make security a priority by using Zoho Meeting's security features like moderator controls, two-factor authentication, and lock meetings.

Zoho Meeting:Your go-to cloud video conferencing solution


Scalable video conferencing solution

Our robust software suits your needs and grows with your business. Zoho Meeting offers a pay-as-you-grow subscription model starting from as low as $1. Choose a meeting plan that meets your business requirements based on the number of participants.

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High-quality meeting recordings

Record your cloud meetings including audio, video, and screen sharing. Access, download, and share high-quality meeting recordings with your organization members from Zoho Meeting's cloud storage. With our storage based on the number of recordings, you don't have to worry about your recordings getting cut off abruptly.

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Organization departments

Manage and conduct department-specific meetings within the organization. Keep track of different departments, and schedule goal-specific meetings. Add department members using their email address and ensure no one is left out of business meetings.

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Extensive integrations

Get things done faster with Zoho Meeting's wide range of integrations. When you use these seamless integrations with your day-to-day applications across Zoho and third-party applications, you can initiate sales, marketing, and business communication all on one platform.

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Exclusive meeting notes

Take quick notes on the exclusive Notes tab right within Zoho Meeting. Leverage Zoho Meeting's integration with Zoho Notebook to jot down and save meeting notes for future reference. Use the exclusive Minutes of Meeting template to quickly cover the points discussed at the meeting.

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Professional virtual backgrounds

Have a clean video feed for your meetings with quality virtual backgrounds. Choose from a wide variety of static images and GIFs for a disturbance-free video feed. Also, you can upload and use custom images as meeting virtual backgrounds.

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Look at what leading experts have to say about Zoho Meeting's cloud-based video conferencing solution:

★★★★★ 4.6 / 5
★★★★★ 4.6 / 5
★★★★★ 9.0 / 10
★★★★★ 4.9 / 5
★★★★★ 4.4 / 5

Choose cloud meetings over physical meetings

Choose a convenient way of collaboration

Choose between quick audio-only calls or extensive video conferencing sessions for your business meetings. Leverage the power of cloud meetings and choose a convenient way of remote collaboration over tiresome physical meetings.

Zoho Meeting
Zoho Meeting

Improve productivity with reduced effort

Switch to cloud meetings and reduce the energy and cost involved in setting up a physical meeting. Schedule, invite, and seamlessly conduct meetings with many participants using one platform.

Flexible cloud video conferencing solution

Connect to your cloud video calls via your browser, desktop, or mobile application with ease. If you launch and attend meetings frequently, choose our dedicated desktop and mobile applications to connect on the go.

Dedicated desktop app for instant cloud meetings

Dedicated desktop app for instant cloud meetings

Quickly launch and join cloud meetings from your computer using Zoho Meeting's desktop application.

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Connect to cloud meetings on-the-go!

Launch and attend business meetings from your mobile device without breaking a sweat. Use our Android and iOS mobile apps for seamless cloud meetings with your remote teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is cloud video conferencing?

Cloud video conferencing refers to high-quality video meetings that happen over the internet. Cloud technology is used for real-time video conferencing and remote collaboration instead of being in the same physical location.

02. How do I join a cloud meeting?

You can easily join an ongoing cloud meeting right from your default browser just by entering the meeting ID. You can also choose to use Zoho Meeting's dedicated desktop and mobile applications to join a cloud meeting.

Empower remote business teams using cloud-based meetings

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