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Zoho Apps

Zoho Mail Add-on

Manage your customer correspondence within the Zoho CRM by configuring Zoho Mail add-on
Configure Popular IMAP Integrations | Configure Custom IMAP account | Configure POP3 account | Sending & Receiving Emails

Zoho Creator

Build custom apps and integrated Creator Apps in a single platform.
Activate | Create Custom Tabs | Reassign Developer | Customize Form | Edit Custom Tab Settings

Zoho Finance Suite Integration

View invoices of Accounts and Contacts modules inside Zoho CRM and keep track of the payment status.
Configure Zoho Finance Suite | Deactivate Zoho Finance Suite Integration

Zoho Phonebridge

Connects your PBX system with Zoho CRM to manage inbound, outbound and follow-up calls effectively, also get reminders for scheduled calls..

Zoho Projects Integration

Create or associate projects from the Accounts, Contacts and Deals modules.
Configure Zoho Projects | Manage Users & Permissions | Create or Associate projects

Zoho Campaigns Integration

Export leads and contacts from CRM to Campaigns and easily plan & execute newsletters, welcome emails, customer surveys, etc
Configure Zoho Campaigns | Track Campaign Responses | Deactivate Campaigns Integration

Visitor Tracking (Zoho SalesIQ Integration)

Track your website visits, help out customers via chat and keep a record of the data within Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ integration.
Set up Visitor Tracking | Visits Tab | Check Notifications

Advanced CRM Analytics

Slice and Dice your CRM data in Zoho Analytics and take better data-driven business decisions.
Learn More

Zoho Survey Integration

Add survey links in your templates and view responses from leads and contacts within Zoho CRM.
Configure Zoho Survey | Insert Survey Link in Email Templates | View Responses

Zoho Desk Integration

View support tickets in the Leads, Accounts and Contacts modules inside Zoho CRM and keep track of the customer requests.
Configure Zoho Desk | Activate for Users | View Support Tickets

Zoho Writer Add-on

Create templates online using CRM data to create mail merge documents.
Create Mail Merge Templates | Merge Documents

Zoho Meetings Integration

Create virtual meetings, add participants and send meeting invitations from CRM using Zoho Meetings.
Integrating CRM Events with Zoho Meeting

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