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Efficient planning is the key to the success of any business project. A business always teams with several projects and people associated with those projects. Unless they are planned and managed efficiently, productivity takes a hit. A Project Management Software such as Zoho Projects comes to the rescue. With several tools to plan tasks, set milestones and delegate responsibilities, Zoho Projects is a perfect service to manage your projects.

When this tool is integrated with a CRM system, the possibilities are even more incredible. This integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects helps you manage your tasks even more efficiently and make better business decisions as you can now associate these projects with customers.

For example, if your sales reps have won new deals from your customers, they can create and manage a project associated with those customers from within Zoho CRM instantly. They can easily see the number of projects associated with a customer and gain insights that help them make better deals in the future. This integration makes you not only a more efficient manager but a wiser business person.

With the integration of Zoho CRM with Zoho Projects, all projects added inside Zoho CRM get updated in the corresponding Zoho Projects account and vice versa. Once Zoho Projects is integrated with Zoho CRM, you can do the following:

  • Create a portal or associate an existing portal
  • Add Projects to a portal
  • Enable client account mapping
  • Associate or create projects in the Accounts, Contacts and the Potentials modules
  • Associate Projects details after a call
  • Perform all Project related functions from within Zoho CRM


Permission Required: Users need an active account with any plan in Zoho Projects to access this feature.



  • Keep all internal users and customers in sync
  • Monitor all project activity related to your clients from a single place
  • Measure project progress
  • Automate client account mapping
  • Visibility into every stage of your project

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