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Surveys are useful marketing tools that help you enhance your business. It's a method by which you put specific questions to a group of people whose answers will help you improve your products or services. There are many applications to create surveys. Zoho Survey is one such simple tool that helps you create and send surveys to your contacts easily.

Why Integrate Zoho Survey with Zoho CRM

Once you collect survey responses, the next step is usually to follow up with the respondents. For example, let's say you have mailed a bunch of survey questions to your leads in Zoho CRM. After you receive their responses, you may want to call them up and offer them deals based on their answers. To check the lead's details, you have to refer to the CRM database. For their email response, you switch to your inbox. Going back and forth this way for a big list of leads is a frustrating task, indeed.

Zoho Survey integration with Zoho CRM has been introduced to ease this very process.

This integration eliminates the need for you to manually put CRM and Survey data together. It will be done for you automatically. Your surveys are pushed inside Zoho CRM. You can send surveys to your leads and contacts from within CRM. Their survey responses are recorded in the Records Details page of the respective module. This way, you can view their survey responses contextually.

Besides letting you view the responses contextually, the integration enables automated updating of CRM data with Survey responses. When CRM fields are mapped with their respective survey questions, the answers given by users become data in the respective CRM fields. This saves you the trouble of manually skimming through records and gives you sufficient insight to make important business decisions.

In a Nutshell

  • Integrate your Zoho Survey account with Zoho CRM.
  • Your surveys will be pushed inside CRM.
  • Insert your survey links in Email templates
  • Send email surveys to leads/contacts from Zoho CRM
  • View a contact's survey response in the Lead/Contact Details pages.
  • Automatically update CRM data with Survey responses.
  • Draw insight from the combination of CRM data with Survey responses.
  • Pitch better offers to customers based on survey responses and insights.


Permission Required: Users need an active account with any plan in Zoho Survey to access this feature.


  • Administrators can set up this feature. Users need Manage Email Templates permission to insert survey links.
  • If you do not already have a Zoho Survey account, you can create one during this integration.
  • Integration with a free Zoho Survey account is subject to limitations. Limitation includes access to only a partial Summary Report while viewing Survey Responses.
  • Integration with paid Zoho Survey accounts do not have this limitation. The number of surveys that can be sent will vary based on the user's Zoho Survey Edition.

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