Filtering and Sorting Items

All the items that you create or import are listed in the Items module. You can filter them based on certain criteria and you can sort them based on Name, SKU or Rate.

Filtering Items

Scenario: David has added all the products he sells and the services he provides to the items module in Zoho Billing and all of them are listed together. Now, he wants to view only the service items from the list. David can quickly view them by using the Filter option to view only the services.

Filtering items allows you to view a specific set of items based on a certain criteria. In the Items module, there is a list of default filters which you can use to filter the items. You can also create your own custom views based on the criteria of your choice. In this section, we’ll learn about using default filters and creating new custom views.

Default Item Filters

Default item filters will help you to quickly filter the items based on their criteria. The table below lists the default filters available in Zoho Billing.

Filter Name Description
All All the items in Zoho Billing will be displayed. By default, the Items module displays the items using this filter.
Active All the active items are listed when you use this filter. By default, all the items you create will be active unless you mark them as inactive.
Inactive All the items that you’ve marked as inactive will be displayed when you use this filter.
Services All the items where you’ve chosen the item type as Services will be displayed when you use this filter.

To filter items:

Filter All Items

A list of items based on the applied filter is displayed.

Custom Views

Custom Views are your own customized filters that you create by specifying a criteria. When you apply a custom view to the items, a filtered list of items is displayed.

Scenario: David wants to see all the furnitures that he’s selling which costs more than 300 dollars. So, he creates a custom view specifying the criteria that it should filter all the items who’s rate is more than 300 dollars. He saves the custom view and the items are filtered and listed. Likewise, you can create your own customized filters based on your own criteria to filter the items.

To create a custom view:

New Custom View Filter

Insight: The filtered items will be displayed with the fields that you’ve added to the Selected Columns table. 

New Custom View

Now, the filter will be displayed under the default filters and you can filter the contacts based on the new criteria. 

Editing Custom Views

To edit the custom view that you’ve created: 

Edit Custom View

Sorting Items

Sorting items allows you to view all the items in a particular order. You can sort any list of items based on the default sorting options that are available in the Items module. The table below gives you the list of the sorting options available.

Scenario: David wants to view the top 5 least expensive items of all the products he sells. In Zoho Billing, he easily does it by clicking the Hamburger icon in the Items module and selecting Sort By Rate. Immediately, all the items are re-ordered with the least expensive product listed at the top and the most expensive product listed at the bottom. Similarly, you can sort the items based on your need and view the items at your convenience.

Sort By Description
Name Sorting by Name allows you to list the items in alphabetical order or in the reverse alphabetical order. By default, the items are listed in the alphabetical order.
SKU Sorting by SKU allows you to list the items in the alphabetical order of the SKU or in the reverse alphabetical order of the SKU.
Rate Sorting by Rate allows you to list the items in the ascending order of the rate or in the descending order of the rate.

To sort the items:

Sort Items

Pro Tip: Alternatively, you can sort the items directly by clicking the field names. You can click them again to reverse the order.

Sort Items Table Header
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