Set up your meetings in minutes. Really!

Create a meeting

Take a few seconds to decide what your meeting is about. Then, with a click of a button, create one right away.

Configure times

Free only on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons? Select just those two and all other days will be hidden from the booking page by default.

Sync calendars

Connect your Google and Zoho Calendar so Bookings can block off times you're busy elsewhere. Have separate calendars for work and home? No problem—you can sync multiple calendars too!

Choose a theme

Pick from a range of color themes and layouts for your booking page. Add a logo, edit the message, and prepare your page for the world.

Invite your folks

Copy a link to your page and email it to your colleagues. Or embed it on your website. Take a well-deserved break as your meetings schedule themselves.

Create a meeting Configure times Sync calendars Choose a theme Invite your folks

How easy was that?

Here are a few more irresistible features for your meeting scheduler


Custom duration

Not all meetings are created equally. Based on who you're meeting with and why, allocate as little as five minutes or as much as 23 hours.


Flexible prices

Offering consultations as part of your meeting? Collect fees online, either in full or as partial payments.


Buffer time

Allow yourself a breather after every meeting. Set up a buffer so you don't end up in back-to-back discussions.


Online meetings

Embrace the flexibility of working from home. Incorporate video calls so colleagues can participate from anywhere—we'll automatically adjust your meeting page to reflect their timezone.


Custom page layouts

Include social sharing buttons, contact details, header and logo images, and more. Tweak the colors and make your page represent your brand.


Scheduling windows

Set opening and closing times for scheduling. For example, disable bookings an hour before the meeting so you know how many people will show up and you can prepare accordingly.


Cancellation policies

Avoid unnecessary surprises. Set regulations for when people can reschedule or cancel their appointments. If you charge for your meetings, a cancellation policy ensures you're not at a loss.


Custom fields

Understand your RSVPs better—use custom fields in your booking form to collect additional details like what people expect from the meeting, consent to receive your newsletters, and preferences.

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