Online self-scheduling

No more losing jobs because a meeting or other engagement kept you from picking up the phone. Customize your online booking page with your logo, message, images, and domain name. Embed it on your website or share a link so your clients can book time with you any time.

Updates on the fly

Experience the real freedom of being your own boss. No matter where you are—a vacation, in a conference, or at your long-forgotten relative's wedding, our mobile app will deliver notifications right to your Apple or Android device.

Integrated customer data

Manage all your customer information in one place—access previous appointments they’ve made, notes from past sessions, contact details, and more. Want them on your Zoho CRM too? Sure thing!

The efficient way to run a one-person show

Life coaches

Making goals, overcoming obstacles, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is right up your alley. We’re the same—our goal is to help you digitize your scheduling system and help you do your best. Here’s how Zoho Bookings can be your partner.

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Marketing consultants and agencies

Offer a range of personalized services? Have a hard time juggling personal commitments and meeting times? Learn more about how Zoho Bookings can help showcase your offerings and cater to flexible working times.

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s often freelancers who get bogged down with unreasonable requests and ad hoc tasks. Here’s how we can help clear your desk full of Post-its and organize your business around your life.

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Legal firms

When you're engrossed in a case, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Don't worry about appointments or client case details slipping through the cracks. Zoho Bookings can be your online scheduler, reminder, and client manager—all in one.

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