Simple online software for interview scheduling

Zoho Bookings isn't just another calendar with a scheduling functionality. Instead, it's specifically designed with recruiters and consultants in mind and offers carefully selected features that simplify the process while eliminating the unnecessarily complex layers of scheduling.

Let's break that down.

Schedule easily

Candidates select slots from your available times. All you'd be doing is sharing a link to your booking page, which smartly analyzes your personal and professional calendars to automatically remove unfavorable dates and times.

Reduce no-shows

People forget; people slack. That's why we need calendars and reminders—for some, five alarms in the morning. Zoho Bookings helps your candidates show up on time by sending them email and text reminders.

Allow flexibility

Last-minute changes are a part of life. Specify a cancellation window so that even if candidates have to reschedule or cancel interviews, you can still be prepared.

Take notes

When you're interviewing more than two people a day, you need notes to keep yourself on track. Jot down observations about each candidate so other recruiters in your team can refer to them when the candidate proceeds to the next level.

A good scheduler gives you more than the basics without compromising the essentials

Remote interviews

On-site interviews have their place, but videos make recruiting more flexible. Powered by Zoho Meeting, screen your candidates from the comfort of remote working.

Candidate database

Whether you've already interviewed them or are waiting to, every candidate will be in Zoho Bookings by default. Filter, sort, and even export the ones proceeding to the next round for easy contact. You can also integrate your recruitment software to have all details in one place.

Flexible hours

Recruiting isn't a typical 9 to 5 job. Define your availability—specifically by day and time—including breaks and vacations, and the system will only display those times on your booking page.

Time zones

Working from home is now a norm. Your booking page and reminders automatically adjust to your candidates' location so that you can accommodate remote and freelance team members.

Candidate portal

Every candidate dreams of knowing the outcome of their interviews. Your interviewees can sign up for an account and access upcoming interviews, notes, status updates, and even reschedule or cancel.

Information days

Pre-interview Q&As, tips, and best practices help candidates better understand the job on offer and prepare accordingly. Constantly communicate with your candidates using email notifications. What's more, they can also register for any information sessions you conduct.

Working? Meeting? Dreaming? Put it on your calendar!

Perfectly in sync

Zoho Bookings integrates with your company's Zoho and Google calendars. You can connect your common scheduler and eliminate the back and forth emails to set up a time that works for all. Every time your booking page loads, it automatically verifies your connected calendars to make sure you never end up with a double booking.

Perfectly in sync

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