How Zoho Meeting can help you do remote work

Remote work has become the default mode of operation for many businesses around the world due to the novel Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. If your organization has adopted a remote work policy and you are working from home, Zoho Meeting can help you keep your team stay productive and connected through meaningful online meetings.

Working Remotely with Zoho Meeting

Email and chat are very much a part of team communication. However, when there are topics that need to be addressed together, there is nothing more ideal than a team meeting. Face to face team meetings avoid the delays that come with typing messages or emails and sending them back and forth. Real-time communication makes it easy for you to present ideas, communicate clearly, and articulate yourselves as you would in a physical meeting room.They also play a vital role in socializing with your colleagues and keeping everybody on the same page as you work from home.

Schedule meetings ahead, meet instantly, or embed meeting links

When your team is working from home, you can plan and create your weekly or monthly meetings ahead of time. Participants can add meetings to their calendars and also RSVP so that you know who will make it to the meeting. You can also invite external contacts or clients to join your remote meetings. If there is an urgent discussion that needs to happen, use the Meet now option to start a meeting right away. Share the meeting link with your team via chat or SMS to let them join instantly.

 If you want to schedule your weekly or monthly meetings but do not want to send invitations to your participants, you can create meetings and embed meeting links on your web page. Participants can view the meeting widget on the web page and attend meetings by entering their email addresses.

Video conferencing, screen sharing, remote access and recording

Holding team meetings with your video on is an important step towards building rapport with your team as you work remotely. This also makes it easier for others to interpret your thoughts and words. To add context to your talk, open documents or applications on your computer or mobile device and share it in your meeting using screen sharing so others can see it on their own screens. Go a step further if you want and let others take control of your screen for collaboration through remote access. You can also use remote access to resolve technical issues if required.

Record your meetings and share it with your team members. This enables them to check back on what was discussed in the meeting to come up with new strategies or plans of action. Store your recordings online, replay them, or download them to your computer. You will always have access to your recordings in Zoho Meeting.

Low internet won’t stop you

A good internet connection is a must for everyone in your team to work from home remotely. However, if your internet connection seems unexpectedly poor or fluctuating, you can opt for joining meetings over your phone. Zoho Meeting provides 60+ local dial-in numbers and 55+ toll-free numbers for different regions around the world. Dial the number for your region followed by a unique access code to join the meeting. You can view the dial-in numbers and the access code in your meeting invitation email or by switching to the phone audio option in your live meeting window.

Lock and moderate meetings

Everyone should take extra care to maintain privacy of online discussions when working remotely. Meeting hosts can lock a meeting for added security after all expected participants have joined. This helps you conduct confidential discussions by preventing unexpected intruders. Any new participant who attempts to join a locked meeting will not be able to do so without the permission of the meeting host. With Zoho Meeting, you can also moderate meetings to focus on the topics in the agenda. Mute individual or all participants to cancel background noise, or even remove a participant if they are no longer needed for a discussion you’re starting.

Manage your team

Add your team members to Zoho Meeting and enable organizational settings for your team as you start working from home. Add your company logo to emails, enable notifications, and manage host licenses and subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many participants can I have in a meeting?

You can have up to 250 participants if you use our Meeting subscription plan. If you use our beta version with multi-video feed, you can view up to 50 video feeds at a time, along with active audio from 100 participants in your online meeting.

How long can my meeting be?

You can conduct online meetings for up to 24 hours, and the duration can be extended further if necessary. In Zoho Meeting's free edition, you can conduct meetings and webinars for up to 60 minutes.

What are the software and hardware requirements to start or join a meeting?

To start or join an online meeting, you will need a computer or mobile device, microphone, speakers and a web camera (if required). For the list of compatible operating systems and web browsers, please refer to our system requirements.

How many recordings can I store and how long can I access them?

Using the Meeting subscription plan, each meeting host can store up to 10 meeting recordings. Zoho Meeting stores your recordings based on the number of meetings you record and not the file size of the recordings. Even if you record a meeting in parts, it will be counted as a single recording. You will always have access to your recordings in Zoho Meeting. Zoho Meeting will not limit your access to view, share, and download your meeting recordings at any time.

How secure is Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting was built entirely at Zoho and does not use any third-party apps. All data shared using Zoho Meeting and your meeting recordings are encrypted and saved securely. Zoho Meeting always seeks your consent before performing important actions like turning your web camera on, or enabling remote access. This way, we ensure that we always put your privacy first.

Is Zoho Meeting integrated with other apps?

Zoho Meeting is deeply integrated with Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Bookings, and other apps within and outside of Zoho ecosystem. If you use Gmail, you can use our Gmail add-on for conducting online meetings from your inbox. Learn more.

Zoho Workplace is our suite of apps including Zoho Meeting and nine other apps that can help you and your team communicate, collaborate, and work remotely.


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