Embracing the future: AI-powered meeting transcription and key note generation

Today, we find ourselves in a world where online meetings and virtual gatherings have become the new normal. While video conferences have inarguably streamlined remote communication, they come with their own challenges, failing to capture the magic of physical presence and immersive connections.

But that's where artificial intelligence (AI) steps in. AI has the power to create immersive and unforgettable virtual experiences. It possesses the potential to change an otherwise generic online meeting software to an intelligent and immersive platform for effective collaboration.

And here's the really exciting news: Zoho Meeting has leveraged the power of generative AI to revolutionize the way you connect and collaborate with your teams!

With the introduction of auto-generated transcripts and keynotes, we invite you on a journey of seamless and intuitive online meetings. Say goodbye to time-consuming note-making and hello to a world where AI effortlessly captures the essence of your discussions, making information retrieval and post-session follow-ups a breeze.


All of your online meeting and webinar recordings can be converted into comprehensive and accurate transcripts easily. Zoho's in-house research and development unit, ZLabs, has worked on the transcript feature that automatically converts your sessions' speeches to text in matter of moments.

Now, you can generate transcripts for your recorded meetings and webinars while we're actively working on live-meeting transcriptions.

Key notes

We have used Zia, powered by OpenAI, to auto-generate keynotes of your meeting and webinar sessions from session transcripts. You can save time and get a quick recap of sessions by transforming hours of discussions into concise, key points.

Our integration with Zia analyzes the session transcript, identifies crucial information, and presents it in an organized manner. This ensures that no key insight is lost, and also frees you from having to sit through entire session recordings.

Prerequisites for auto-generated transcripts and key notes 

To generate quick and seamless meeting transcripts and keynotes, please ensure that:

  1. "Auto transcription for recordings" is enabled under Recordings in the account settings.
  2. Zia is installed on your Zoho Meeting account's integrations page.
How does the AI-powered transcript and key note generation work?

After fulfilling all of the prerequisites, you can auto-generate AI-powered transcripts and keynotes with the click of a button.

Browse the Recordings tab in your Zoho Meeting account and choose a recorded session that you would like transcribed. Click View Transcript from the More option to view auto-generated transcripts and keynotes for the particular session. Quickly copy transcripts and keynotes, or download them for future reference with just a click. Learn more.

Why use auto-generated transcripts and key notes?

  • Time-saving and efficiency
  • Accessibility and reference
  • Decision-making and accountability

Gone are the days of tirelessly replaying your session recordings and manually writing down the key points and takeaways. Use the power of generative AI to free yourself from mundane tasks and focus on what truly matters—creativity and collaboration.

Make Zoho Meeting your trusted companion on this transformative journey, and create an online meeting experience like your organization has never had before!

Note: Zia integration is currently only available in the US data center; we’re working on setting up the same in other data centers very soon!


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  1. Hi I cannot locate the option "Auto transcription for recordings" in Recording section of the Meeting App Setting. The only available options are: Auto-record meetings > Enable automatic recording for all meetings you create. Record camera in meetings > Record video along with audio and screen sharing in meetings. Auto-record webinars > Enable automatic recording for all webinars you create. Record camera in webinars > Record video along with audio and screen sharing in webinars

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