Sent an email you didn't mean to? Get it back with a click!

Sending emails has become second nature to most of us, but despite it being a part of our daily lives, sometimes mistakes slip through the cracks.

I'm sure you've felt your heart sink after hitting the send button on an email. Maybe you left out an attachment, maybe you forgot to put down that last-minute thought, or maybe you sent that email filled with colorful language to your boss instead of your best friend! We've all been there and endured the ensuing disaster.

Cursing your luck, all you can do is try to run damage control with an apologetic follow-up email. But what if you could save yourself the embarrassment by simply reversing your mistake? Zoho Mail's Email Recall feature lets you do exactly that!

With Email Recall, you can now do away with the follow-up email by simply recalling the email from the recipient's inbox. Once your email has been delivered, use the Recall This Email option from the Delivery Status pop-up to swiftly recall the email in a single click.

If crime novels have taught us anything, it's that there is no such thing as a perfect crime. Email Recall is no exception. While Email Recall removes the original email from the recipient's inbox, it's replaced with a message notifying the recipient of the recall.

You can recall any email sent to your organization members within half an hour of sending it. So the next time you regret sending an email to your colleague, don't worry—Zoho Mail's Email Recall will be there for you in your time of need!

Take a look at our detailed instructions on how to use Email Recall.

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PS: Email Recall is exclusively available for our paid organization account users. If you are a free organization account user, upgrade now to enjoy the benefits of this feature!

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73 Replies to Sent an email you didn't mean to? Get it back with a click!

  1. Does Email Recall only work between Zoho emails of the same organization or can it actually recall any email to any email address?

    1. Hi Divya, In order for us to help you in the best possible way, please reach out to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with details of your issue.

  2. This addition of Recall feature will further ease lives of less than perfectionists. For the benefit of users, there is a setting in ZOHO Mails where you can set default delay before a mail is removed from Outbox to Sent Emails, I have set a delay of 5 minutes. I know heavens are not going to fall in 5 minutes. For urgency cases, an option is available on Send button drop down - Send Immediately and it works fine.

  3. That is rather useful. I sent once a meme we were to post on a page as part of our mobilisation for an ongoing project that requires public engagement. There were two emails, one for someone to whom sending it was a must and someone to whom that might have been weird (THE BIG BOSS) who hasn't mentioned it yet... Hopefully it went to the spam folder... If I only could recall it... Well... Now I can... :p

  4. That's great, however the notification that the message has been recalled is not. Gmail has an option to delay sending, such as by 20 seconds. During those 20 seconds you can cancel the sending of your message because it was not sent out yet. That saved me a few email mistakes!

    1. Hi Asif, Sorry for the inconvenience. Please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with the details of your issue. We will resolve the issue at the earliest. :)

  5. Though the animation depicts taking away the sent mail, in actual scenario it doesn't happen. Only a notification saying 'recalled' adds up to it. Can't the previous email be taken away?

    1. Hi Dhanushka, The original email is retrieved from the recipient's inbox on successful recall. The 'recalled'notification does not add up to the original email, rather it replaces the email.

  6. You add this feature and want to charge me an additional 20% over my subscription fee? Seriously? What a terrible way to thank your clients for their loyalty. Since this is already developed, it cannot cost that much to extend to all users. It's not a function that will be used many times a day, or even per month. Someone needs to rethink this whole thing.

    1. Hi Richard, No fee is charged separately for Email Recall. As long as you are part of one of our paid plans, you can avail this feature. In case of a free Organization account user, you would have to upgrade to one of our paid plans and Email Recall will be part of the package without any additional charge.

      1. Hi, Spot on! We do have Outbox Delay in Zoho Mail. The good news is, you can delay the emails for upto 120 mins from your Compose settings.

    1. I have set a delay of 5 minutes before it an email is moved from Outbox to Sent. I know heavens are not going to fall in 5 minutes. For urgency cases, the option is available on Send button - Send Immediately and it works fine. This addition of Recall feature will further ease lives of less than perfectionists.

    1. Hi, Email Recall will not be available for POP accounts in Zoho Mail since the emails might not originate from Zoho Mail servers.

  7. good start but how about an undo feature similar to what Google Mail offers where you can define a number of seconds that you can undo a message before it's truly sent. This works with all emails not just Gmail in Gmail or to Gmail or to your organization.

  8. Ok, it won't work if "If the recipient is not from within your organization". Does this mean if "my organization" is just me, a solo business owner, I can only recall emails to myself? :-) Or only recall emails with the same domain email? What about emails I'm sending to customers, vendors. etc.?

    1. Hi Stephen, You can recall any emails sent within your organization irrespective of the domains. If you have multiple domains hosted under one organization, you can recall emails across all these different domains. We will not be able to recall emails sent to customers or vendors since we will not have access to their data.

    1. Hi, Email Recall's intended purpose is only to recall the wrong email. Whereas, the recipient will be informed that the email has been recalled. He can then contact the sender directly if he wishes to.

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