Zoho Mail Presents: Reader View, Email Status Indicator, and More

Have the comfort of reading emails on your own terms, view the statuses of your emails at a glance, call your colleagues from the mailbox, and drag-and-drop your emails as attachments. Make emailing simpler with Zoho Mail's fresh set of features!

Without further ado, we present you the fourth installment in our Roundup of features blog posts.

Reader view:

Everyone has a preference when it comes to reading: the brightness at a certain level, the font size a little bigger, a particular font style and so on. The most important thing is that the words are legible and appealing enough to catch and retain the reader's attention.

So why should it be different for emails? When emails that contain important information come in different fonts, sizes, and styles, it can disrupt your focus.

We can’t have that, so Zoho Mail came up with the Reader View. A little book icon in the top-right corner of every open email that will give you the perfect way to read the email on your terms.

Just like your e-reader, Zoho Mail lets you adjust the font size, line spacing, and font family to your liking. There's even an estimated 'time to read' metric in the header of your emails. You can also switch between Night and Day modes while reading, in case you're in bed, on a red eye flight, or just like to take it easy on the eyes. If you're in an email conversation thread, you can just click the Next button to view subsequent emails.

Printing your emails is easy from the Reader view, just click and send to the printer without the clutter of headers and wild html styling. Have a neat and crisp physical copy of your emails.

Email status indicator:

The first thing you look at when you log into your mail account is your mail listing. As you scroll down checking one email after the other, there are bound to be instances where you do a double-take - wondering if you’ve replied to that one from your boss or if you’ve forwarded the email your colleague asked for.

With Zoho Mail’s Email status indicator, you don’t have to open an email to see if you’ve replied to it or not. Now your mail listing sports dedicated icons that display the status of your emails.

Besides indicating the Read/Unread statuses of the email, these icons placed before the sender’s name (In case of Classic view, it is visible when you hover over an email) will show whether the email has been:

Audio and video call support in Contact cards:

Some things are better explained over calls, where there is less room for miscommunication. The next time you want more clarification on the email your colleague sent you, give them a call straight from your mailbox.

That's right, Zoho Mail now supports audio and video calls, in addition to its integrated chat option by Zoho Cliq.

Clicking on an email address displays the chat, as well as audio and video call options on the contact card. Select the most convenient option and start a conversation instantly.

Add emails as EML attachments:

When most of your business emails feature the phrase, "Please find attached," it needn’t necessarily be media files that are attached, it can also be emails. It is not unusual for people to attach emails for reference when replying to an existing email thread or composing a new one.

In Zoho Mail, you don’t have to download each email in order to attach them while composing an email. A simple drag and drop does the trick.

Once you click Compose Mail, just click and drag the email(s) you wish to add as EML attachments from your mailbox, then drop them into the compose tab.

You can also select multiple emails in your mailbox and use the 'Forward multiple emails' option to attach those emails as EML attachments and start composing a new mail all at once.

While we are coming up with more feature updates to make your email experience even better, please feel free to comment and tell us what’s your favorite feature in Zoho Mail :)


(Zoho Mail is a part of Zoho Workplace, a comprehensive suite of nine productivity and collaboration tools for your business.)


49 Replies to Zoho Mail Presents: Reader View, Email Status Indicator, and More

  1. When we will be able to see email related to contacts and accounts and deals in mobile app. This is very important feature I don't know why it is not there

    1. Hey Bhupesh, You can view all the emails/files sent to you to a particular contact in Zoho Mail mobile app. Open the email from the specific contact and click their Profile icon you will have the options, 'Show emails from Sender' and 'Show files from Sender'. Choose either option to list emails/files sent by that particular contact in you Zoho mail mobile app. We hope this helps, in case of further assistance, please contact support@zohomail.com for us to guide you.

  2. Brava Mary! Clear, well written explanation, including the graphic animated gifs. Usful info, so long as I can remember it all!

  3. I have configured to see my Unread emails as soon as I login to my email account in web portal, but the same feature is not available in Andriod app, where I would like to configure Unread emails folder as my default view in the email app. I would like to see this feature in your next Android app update. Thanks.

  4. I love Zoho Mail and firmly support this as a fantastic alternative to other mail providers e.g Gmail, but it would be great to be able to add Zoho Mail as the default 'mailto' mail service for the browser Firefox. Support has advised me at this time it is unable to be done. Very frustrating when working with the mail app in Firefox.

    1. Hey Hadani, Our developers have been working on the option to add Zoho Mail as the default 'mailto' service in Firefox, and it will be available to all in the upcoming updates! Thank you for being an awesome Zoho mail user :)

  5. Well al great stuff, something you are missing on the subject of an email.... My suggestion is the email SUBJECT field could sustain the previous subjects ...making it faster to annouce various emails with similar subjects.... The SUBJECT could even have a drop down meneu to "classify the message" such as: IMPORTANT; For Your Information Only; ACT UPON PLEASE; etc for example I start all my emails with "flook - " easier for the receiver to search, find and archive the emails.... Think about it....while I have to keep on typing the subject over and over again! LOL

  6. Excellent. Thank you for the constant improvements. These are definitely welcome, needed and useful! :) (1) A long awaited horizontal split view option would be great. (2) But perhaps the most important feature these days is encrypted email for data-at-rest.

    1. Hey Noel, Thank you for your kind words :) We are very happy that you like our new updates in Zoho Mail! We will pass on your requests to our Product management team and will keep you updated on it :)

  7. Reader view is some kind of improvement, and finally monospaced font is available, but while there are many sans-serif fonts to choose from, there is only one (and quite ugly) Courier New. You could add more pleasing ones: slightly narrower Ubuntu Mono and slightly wider Cousine (I mentioned these in particular, because they seem to support more languages, at least as shown in Google Fonts, than possibly more popular Inconsolata and Source Code Pro). But to be honest, I would like to be able to choose monospaced font for all mails, especially plain-text ones, without needing to resort to reader view (one additional click for each mail), and it's not only about reading, but writing too. In Settings > All > Font there are still only 3 families: Lato, PT Sans, Arial. Please extend the list there. It's sad that leading spaces still remain invisible when displayed in Zoho Mail. Back at the very beginning of February I was informed it will be fixed in upcoming updates.

  8. You guys constantly work on adding fancy graphical enhancements which is great, but the basic functionality of the services don't work. Zoho mail app for mobile phones doesnt load messages. If you're lucky you can see them in 5 min of loading after clicking to view (no its not a network issue), Calendar sync for mac still not supported, and has gotten left in the dust by the new Google Calendar. Zoho Creator looked very promising but when you try to build an actual application, you see that its not as straightforward as it seemed to be or missing features that are really needed for the planned app. I can list a few more things, but you get the point.

    1. I get similar feeling, Sam. Bells and whistles, but core functionalities are lacking. I'm experiencing the same problem with their android Zoho Mail app. Messages practically never load when you want to see them after tapping the notification. Then when you close it, go to app straightly, it's assumed you already read the messages, even though you haven't seen it. Infuriating when trying to follow some mailing list for instance. And don't get me started on reversed mail order, which is simply insane. Yes, we usually want recent threads at the top (some prefer it at the bottom, though, and even if they're in minority, it could be configurable to please them too), but within a thread we want to read mails from the top (oldest) to the bottom (newest). Having the most recent mail at the top is so broken... Few updates back they added need for Identity permission, which was very bad move. I refused to update app for some time and thankfully someone realized the mistake that harvesting user's data is not what is generally approved, so week or so ago new update finally didn't require this permission, so I accepted it this time.

      1. Hey Przemoc, We realize that your major problems in Zoho Mail are focused on our Android Mobile app. We will forward the issues mentioned in this comment to our Mobile apps team and get it fixed for you. We will keep you posted on the updates here.

    2. Hi Sam, We are sure that it's just some wrong configuration in your account, that has got you so much frustrated. We request you to check if you have the latest optimized version of the mobile app, which loads the messages faster unless there are huge attachments. Zoho Calendar supports sync for Mac Calendars using CalDav. Refer https://www.zoho.com/calendar/help/caldav-sync-zoho-calendar.html" rel="nofollow">here for detailed instructions. Regarding creator, we request you to send a detailed email to support@zohocreator.com to assist you further in this. In short, we understand that multiple issues here and there made you think that Zoho might not work for you. However, we are committed to making our apps better and make them work for users like you!

        1. Hey Andrew, Our technical team has checked the issue in your account and found out that you were unable to receive your emails due to an issue with your domain provider. We have sent you an email regarding this, please reply to the email for us to guide you further on this regard.

  9. Good to see useful new features. Would really really like to be able to simply delete attachments from an email. This is the ONLY reason I end up going to Outlook once in a while.

    1. Greetings. In case delete the attachment is really need, an option to mitigate is reply the email to yourself and delete the original mail. Att.

  10. Only suggestion is good & smart search option in email Ex. if email contains 09892238248. And one is searching 9892238248. zoho mail does not showing it up in search.

    1. Hey Raxit, Phone numbers in the mail context are also considered as strings, hence it is the difference of one character that makes the word different. So the example you've mentioned here is akin to searching for an email with the word 'train' by typing 'rain' in the search bar. We do support partial string search, but the first part or prefix is to be typed followed by '*' in the search bar to get relevant results.

    1. Hey Daniel, Zoho Mail is an emailing service meant for normal email usage. For tracking the open behavior or stats about the email campaign, we suggest you to try Zoho Campaigns, specifically built for the purpose.

  11. I really like the video option. It could be even better if you can record a video and send it via email similar to a company like bomb bomb. They do some great things. Take a look and now that you have recording option tied in you can expand the offerings a little bit. We send lots of video emails as a company and it works great.

    1. Hey Mike, We are glad you liked the Video calling feature in Zoho Mail! We are at the moment discovering our own options on creating the video recording feature ourselves. We will keep you posted on the updates. Keep using Zoho Mail :)

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